Top 4 Star Wars Herb Grinder – Best Weed Grinders for Wholesale

Star Wars movies are popular all over the world, and the sales of their related products have far exceeded the movie box office itself. People are crazy about movie characters. And our stoners and smokers are no exceptions. So today we bring you the top 4 Star Wars Herb Grinder. They are a wonderful combination of star wars and smoking.  Each smoke shop, head shop and dispensary should have these weed grinders, these babies will sell themselves.

1. Star Wars Death Star Grinder

Star Wars Death Star Grinder 

This Star Wars Death Star Grinder is neat, looks like a mini death star, and is believable as a perfect collectible. Awesome Grinder and it is the Death Star.  How cool is that?

This grinder is a death star for Luke’s sake! It feels like destroying Alderon every time when grinds up a bud. Looks good just sitting there. It is just so cool on so many levels. Throw this grinder on a shelf and people will just think it’s a diecast Death Star.

This is An adorable novelty and a super practical gift, a must for any Star Wars fan who grinds “herbs”.

This grinder crafted with zinc alloy and quality aluminum. People can tell it’s not cheaply made because it actually has some weight to it.

It has a super strong magnet so that the top won’t just fly off of the bottom piece. It won’t part in half easily and easy to use. Cute and easy to open, unscrew to access the bottom chamber,

Edges are sharp and will last a long time.

  • Death Star Shaped Grinder with Sharp Diamond Shaped Teeth
  • Material: zinc alloy and quality aluminum
  • 3 parts with pollen catcher
  • Diameter: 55 mm = 2.2 inch
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Package: each in a black gift box

2. Star Wars Black Warrior Grinder

Star Wars Black Warrior Grinder

This Star Wars Black Warrior Grinder is a must-have for Star Wars fans and lovers. Good quality, sturdy design, and looks awesome. It’s so cute that it can use it as decoration whenever it’s not in use. People can even use it as a showpiece in the living room,  book room, and kitchen.

Made of a sturdy plastic body and features a magnetic head (which gives it the appearance of a bobblehead). All insides are metal and the rest of the grinder is hard plastic.

The lid is magnetized to the teeth section that threads in and out to the catch section that holds a decent amount of herb. It’s held together well with the good magnet and it’s super easy to clean

Its sharp teeth ensure smooth grinding.

Very cool looking and quite functional.  It also grinds so smoothly with no squeaks when turning it.

It has a diameter size of 36mm with a height of 90mm. A little bigger than the BB-8 grinder, has a nice prominence to it.

Very cute and compact size, smokers and stoners can take it anywhere with them.

It is a genius combination of star wars and smoking. Really great buy, especially best for a gift.

  • Material: Zinc Alloy + plastic
  • Weight: 130g
  • Size: High – 90mm = 3 inch.  Bottom – 65mm = 2.5 inch.
  • Diameter – 36mm = 1.4 inch
  • Each packed into a brown paper box

3.Star Wars BB8 Grinder with Pollen Catcher

Star Wars BB8 Grinder

Super cool BB-8 design. Awesome gift for a Star Wars fan from another Star Wars fan. It fits perfectly with the rest of Star Wars Fans’ novelty collections. Cute, little, turns easy and looks good on the desk. It makes a great shelf ornament when it’s not in use. It is so cute and perfect. When sitting out people can’t even tell that its a grinder. It adds a nice nerdy feel to the decor.

This BB8 grinder is super easy to use and is held together by very powerful magnets. The magnet works great and keeps it together well, stays together even while in my pocket. And it has a bottom pollen catcher.

It is made of a durable plastic outer layer with Aluminum inside. Its blades stay smooth and easy to clean.

It is perfect and what would make it even better is if, instead of opening the grinder part of bb8 to take herbs out if the head part came off and dispensed the contents from there or any other compartment.

This cute BB-8 grinder is very tiny, compact and conveniently sized for personal use. Its cute portable size makes it very discreet. And smokers and stoners can just put it into their pocket and bring it anywhere they ‘d go.

And it’s adorable and works just fine.

  • Star Wars BB8 Shaped Grinder with Sharp Diamond Shaped Teeth
  • 3 parts with pollen catcher
  • Height: 67 mm = 2.63 inch
  • Diameter: 50 mm = 2 inch
  • Net Weight: 86 g
  • Gross Weight: 140 g
  • Package: each in a black gift box

4. Star Wars Deadpool Grinder

Star Wars Deadpool Grinder

Deadpool appears in the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story which makes it a member of the star was family. This beautifully crafted Star Wars Deadpool Grinder will definitely bring a couple of smiles into smokers’ life.  Such a cool addition to Star Wars collection. A must-have for Deadpool and Marvel Comic Fans.

Everybody loves Deadpool. And our smokers and stoners are no exception. This Deadpool grinder is a perfect combination. Looks cool in the living room, the study and the kitchen.

And this grinder is still a functional grinder that does its job too.

Its strong magnet attaching the two pieces has just the right amount of magnetism. And the magnet keeps it together in case of stoners accidentally drop it.

Its Sharp Diamond Shaped Teeth guarantee crush the herb well like other functional grinders.

It is very easy to operate and open feels like a poke ball. This Grinder is tiny, compact and will be easy to travel with when smokers on the go and small enough to put in their bags and pockets. It is just cute and discreet. Very fun and easy to use.

It is a piece of cool collection, decoration, and a wonderful gift for friends and family.

  • Deadpool Shaped Grinder with Sharp Diamond Shaped Teeth
  • Material: zinc alloy and quality aluminum
  • 3 parts with pollen catcher
  • Diameter: 55 mm = 2.2 inch
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Package: 12 pcs / gift box
  • We also have upgraded gift box package for your choice

All kids grew up on Star Wars, just like their parents, so anytime that they can get something Star Wars related and of good quality to boot, they make it happen.

These Top 4 Star Wars Herb Grinder are truely the perfect purchase for any smoker shop, head shop, and medical dispensaries. It will definitely bring a high flow of customer traffic into your store and more sells.