Top 1 Silicone Bong Condom-Keep the COVID 19 Away

The Top 1 Silicone Bong Condom keeps potheads stones safe from the COVID 19! Nowadays, Nobody wants to be putting his or her mouth directly on the bongs, who knows who else used it!  The personal mouthpiece, aka the bong condom, is an absolute must have when attending seshes. People will stay germ free with this wonderful mouthpiece. Another added benefit of the silicone mouthpiece is that it reduces the backsplash when taking a hit from the bong or dab rig.

Top 1 Silicone Bong Condom

Silicone Bong Mouthpiece

Silicone Bong Mouthpiece

This Top 1 Silicone Bong Condom can be inserted into the mouthpiece of almost every bong, water pipes, and tubes, letting you slip it on, enjoy a hit, and remove it to pass the bongs. The tapered design gives a nice air-tight fit for any size tube, no matter it is small or wide. It comes in different colors and also can be used with a lanyard to wear it around smokers’ necks.

Some guys also found out it is a big opportunity and has jumped into this business because each pothead and stoners need one of this baby.

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How people say about this silicone bong mouthpiece:

  • Love it, specifically because it prevents gunk from coming up my throat. So now I rip away! I will be attending a Cannabis event this Friday, and can’t wait to take it with me.- Respectfully, Kenneth R. Morales
  • These work great. No restriction to airflow. Fits a wide variety of pieces. An absolute must have on a lanyard for festivals if we ever have those again. Curse you, COVID-19!! – Neal A Cooper
    Terrific and hygienic
  • Protect you from the coronavirus with this Mouthpiece cover
    COVID-19 is a b1tch – Bill
  • Definitely, what I was looking for, I can’t imagine it being any better it and it worked perfectly. It’s a perfect accessory for anyone who smokes and would 100% buy it again!
  • Absolutely love this item. It’s great for using with any bong. This bong mouthpiece is a must-have item to take giant cloud hits when using a bubbler or bong. I use it to help minimize the bad flavor. Stay lit 🔥
  • Totally worth it. It makes your hits way smoother. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this thing before! Best tool ever to smoke your weed. I generally prefer to use ice in my water pipes for the cooler puffs.
  • Excellent tool and is a total game changer.  Having a nice glass piece with some ice cubes makes a big difference.

So, let’s say hello to the Top 1 Silicone Bong Condom, potheads and stoners own personal mouthpiece! This revolutionary silicone mouthpiece gives peace of mind to social smokers. With this silicone wonder, potheads and stoners can share bongs and dab rigs safely while preventing illness and germs from spreading. No longer worrying about sharing with friends and strangers, and getting COVID 19.