Reusable Pocket Ashtray Pouch-Smoke Without Littering

Totaly, I would like to take you into the journey of Reusable pocket Ashtray Pouch.

Pocket Ashtray Pouch

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics are over. I can’t help but think of my previous investigation in Japan. Tokyo gave me the impression that it is clean and tidy. My impression of Tokyo was clean and tidy. Tokyo was crowded with people, and the crowded streets were clean and tidy. There was a garbage collection point every stretch of the road. Walking on such a street, I dare not even smoke. First of all, smoking is allowed in the streets of Tokyo. The reason why I dare not smoke is that I don’t know how to deal with ash. I want to ask people around where there is a place to smoke, but the crowded crowd walked in a hurry. They only replied with a smile, but no one stopped. Tokyo is a fast-paced city. It really deserves its reputation.

Well, I had to stop in front of a 7-11 shop, buy some drinks, and then pretend to be very casual and ask the 7-11 guy where there is a place to smoke nearby. The shopkeeper kindly said that there is no special smoking place nearby. But f you want to smoke, how about go to the supermarket and buy a portable ashtray pouch. With it, you can smoke anywhere in the street.

This idea of a portable ashtray pouch made me curious. I quickened my pace and walked towards the supermarket. When I entered the supermarket, the waitress gave me a 90-degree bow. I talked to her that I want to buy a portable ashtray. The waiter smiled and took me to a row of shelves and handed me an environmentally friendly ashtray in the shape of a small cloth bag pouch. She said that this is what you are looking for. It is not a cloth bag,  it is made of flame retardant materials and PVC, which can pop the ash inside. You can even put cigarette butts inside.

I took the cut ashtray pouch in my hand and weighed it. It was really light and portable. The girl said that there are many mixed-pattern ashtrays on the shelf, which you can choose according to your preferences.

In my opinion, this portable ashtray pouch is not such a sophisticated product, but it is very environmentally friendly. Also, these pouches look very cute and cool.

Although it is a small object, it can bring great convenience to people. I can’t help admiring the Japanese for their intentions in detail. I bought 10 portable ashtrays at one go, not only for my own use but also for my relatives and friends.

Portable Pocket Ashtray Pouch

So when there’s no proper receptacle around, what’s a smoker who honestly doesn’t want to contribute to this problem to do?

The reusable pocket ashtray pouch is the right answer. It was totally hip in the ’50s, and it is making a comeback.