Wholesale Silicone Astronaut Pipe

//Wholesale Silicone Astronaut Pipe

Wholesale Silicone Astronaut Pipe

Wholesale Silicone Astronaut Pipe

  • MOQ=144PCS
  •  Contact us to see if we have available one in stock (in this case, 18 pcs order is welcome)
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Wholesale Silicone Astronaut Pipe

Enjoy an exceptional smoke with the Silicone Astronaut Pipe

It packed like 18pcs per one display box. Not readymade and MOQ=144 pcs, which is 8 display boxes. Contact us to see if we have available one in stock (in this case, 18 pcs order is welcome)

Wholesale Silicone Astronaut Pipe

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Wholesale Silicone Astronaut Pipe is perfect for all smoker shops, head shops and dispensaries.

The Silicone Astronaut Pipe is made from food-grade silicone material, which means it won’t leach any flavors or smells into the smoke. This makes it perfect for stoners that are sensitive to tastes or smells when smoking.

Additionally, this Silicone Pipe has a rather large bowl, so stoners can take more hits before needing to refill it, which will improve the smoking experience whether they use it to smoke dry herbs or marijuana.

Stoners bought this Astronaut smoking pipe says:

  • I love these little Astronauts! make my smoking so much fun
  • My husband is an astronomy/NASA buff. This was the cutest cake decoration. I absolutely loved it!!
  • Easy to use, items was a the perfect size
  • Not only it the design fire, but it is also easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to use and clean. The bowl is a decent size, bought as a gift for someone who doesn’t smoke as often and it’s perfect.
  • Absolutely love this hand pipe. One of my favorites in my collection! Lightweight, ready-to-go stash spot, and its Star Wars. Can’t go wrong!

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Directly from the factory, no middle man, we promise to bring you the best price. What are you waiting for? Do not hesitate and contact us for wholesale prices today!

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