Wholesale Glass Pinch Spoon Pipe

//Wholesale Glass Pinch Spoon Pipe

Wholesale Glass Pinch Spoon Pipe

Wholesale Glass Pinch Spoon Pipe

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Wholesale Glass Pinch Spoon Pipe

You can’t find any cheaper price than our Wholesale Glass Pinch Spoon Pipe.  It is perfect for beginner smokers. Also, perfect for smoke shops and head shops to do the promotion.
-The glass is NOT as thick as other hand spoon pipes
-Order 2000 pcs and more can add your logo

Wholesale Glass Pinch Spoon Pipe

The glass Pinch Spoon is a handy on-the-go pipe

  • Its small size makes it easy to fit in the pocket and travel with. Even better is the flat spot on the bottom of the bowl allowing the pipe to “stand”. So stoners don’t have to worry about it rolling over when not in use.
  • The “pinch” shape of the pipe makes it comfortable to use and the slightly flattened bottom means it sits upright and doesn’t dump ashes all over.
  • This small glass pipe fits perfectly in the hand and has a sturdy, quality feeling. It is just the right pipe when stoners are in a “pinch.”
  • Its small bowl is sized just right for 1-2 quick hits. This is the hand pipe for smokers who want a small, easy-to-use pipe.

Wholesale Glass Pinch Spoon Pipe

Details of this glass PINCH SPOON:

  1. Cute Travel-Sized Spoon Pipe
  2. Made from High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
  3. Assorted Colors and random delivery
  4. Length=116mm=4.7inch

Stoners bought this glass pinch spoon pipe says:

  • This pinch spoon pipe is really what I have been looking for. I feel like none of the other glass products have been able to nail the portable size until this one. It’s small, convenient, and does not lack quality at all.
  • I love it it’s great love the color all around a nice piece.
  • PINCH SPOON: I like it very much. Easy to clean
  • A GREAT LITTLE PIPE: I’m a pretty inexperienced smoker so I don’t have a lot of expertise, but I love this little pipe. It’s rather small so if you want something with a larger bowl then this isn’t what you’re looking for. It’s honestly a perfectly sized little bowl for one person. Comfortable to hold and it wasn’t too hard to clean out with a little rubbing alcohol when the ash residue started to build up. A great option for a newbie or someone looking for a compact, small, and inexpensive pipe. I use it for c-b-d flower but if you live in a state where the other stuff is legal I’m sure that’d work just as well too, lol.
  • For me, it’s exactly what I wanted, as described, a pinch of weed does it. Easy to get a measured result, conserves using a lot of your stash, and hits hard. I did not get any ash and did not get the coughing you get smoking a joint. An extremely cool smoke overall and I didn’t have to relight the bowl much.
  • Not much to say. The spoon pipe is what it’s supposed to be and do. Much simpler to use than a brass one-hitter for me.
  • This pinch pipe holds just a pinch it says. It’s good for maybe 3-4 hits of whatever you are smoking.
  • It’s good for maybe 3-4 hits of whatever you are smoking. I was surprised at the high quality for such a cheap price. It fits in the hand well and has a very nice feel to it. If you’re looking for a pipe, this one is a great investment for the cost. This little pipe is an absolute pleasure to behold and partake in.

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