Wholesale Glass Daisy Pipe Screens Glass Screens for Pipe

//Wholesale Glass Daisy Pipe Screens Glass Screens for Pipe

Wholesale Glass Daisy Pipe Screens Glass Screens for Pipe

Wholesale Glass Daisy Pipe Screens

  • 100 pcs per bubble bag. The jar is NOT included.
  • contact us too see if we have available ones in stock.
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Wholesale Glass Daisy Pipe Screens

This Glass Daisy Pipe Screens are packed like 100 pcs per bubble bag. We do not use the jar container anymore since people says the screens broken during the transportation.

Wholesale Glass Daisy Pipe Screens

Wholesale Glass Daisy Pipe Screens

Premium Quality Hand Blown Glass Screens (Daisy Flower Style)

  • Does not leave any bad aftertaste like metal screens do.
  • Present stoners and smokers a cleaner inhale.
  • Daisy glass screens prevent Ashes and Larger pieces of wxxd/ cannas from going into smoking pipes.
  • It makes smoking experience smooth and intern makes cleaning smoking pipes super easy.
  • FITS MOST PIPE: The average size of the screens are about 1/4″ (5-6mm) which fits in most pipes and Bowls.

Glass Flower/Daisy Screens

  • Unmatchable quality with assorted colors & sizes. (Usually between 1/4 to 3/8″ Inches)
  • Unique works of art!-each piece is one-of a kind

People say abou this Glass Flower/Daisy Screens

  • I’m a retired mom and my tastes run toward the simple and lovely and my medicine usage is still pretty light, this is pertinent because I’ve chosen a small glass pipe that nestles into a tin with a latching lid. Without a screen I was losing too much flower and that tiny amount of water needed to be changed daily. With a screen I was choking on burnt screen. I thought I’d just have to buy a lot of screens and throw them away daily too. These are so much cooler! There’s no way I could fish these little devils out of a plastic dime bag. Some have different numbers of petals or might have a busted off petal but all fit just fine so I wasn’t concerned and there was no glass shards. Now my water is almost always clear because I just tip the PIPE forward a little and knock out the ash with the poke.
  • The glass flowers do get the same as the inside of your bowl of course and so I scoop one out and drop another one in every couple days and I can clean the PIPE about once a week. At the same time I put the glass flowers in a medicine bottle with rubbing alcohol and sea salt and shake them pretty slowly till the water is visibly gross, pour them out into a net strainer and rinse. Love them and buying a second set today because they’re tiny and like to escape from me.
  • I use them both in my water pipe and regular pipe. They work perfectly with my water pipe. Before I got the screens it was tough to keep pieces of my herbs from falling through. It wasn’t much but it adds up. Once I put the screen in the amount that got through was much less. There’s no extra taste from the screen when you light it up.
  • These glass screens work very well with regular pipes also. As many others seem to have noted, they don’t work as well as metal screens but they do the job. They fit well and keep most of the particles from getting through.

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