Wholesale Freeze Cooling Cup Bubbler

//Wholesale Freeze Cooling Cup Bubbler

Wholesale Freeze Cooling Cup Bubbler

Wholesale Freeze Cooling Cup Bubbler

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Freeze Cooling Cup Bubbler

We offer wholesale Freeze Cooling Cup Bubblers.

Freeze Cooling Cup Bubbler Wholesale Smoking Water PipeFreeze Cooling Cup Bubbler Wholesale Smoking Water PipeSpecification of this Freeze Cooling Cup Bubbler:

  1. Material:silicone+Thick plastic
  2. Length: 9.2 inch
  3. Diameter: 10 cm
  4. Weight:385g
  5. Colour: Assorted
  6. Diffused Fixed Stem Perc
  7. Comes with a 14mm male glass bowl
  8. The top cap and mouthpiece is made of silicone

How to use this Freeze Cooling Cup Bubbler:

  1. place this frosty mug upside down in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator for 1-2 hours
  2. when the coolant (non-toxic) appears frozen, remove it from the freezer and use it as required.
  3. Feel free to freeze and re-freeze, again and again

This unique cooling cup bubble is sure to quench a stonerdesire for a good hit

  1. Its body is a cup made from thick plastic with a crushed ice effect throughout the whole piece.
  2. The silicone lid can be easily removable and has a connected bendy straw mouthpiece and diffused stem percolator below for filtration.
  3. This freezable cup bubble is nearly unbreakable since it is constructed from no glass at all (save for the bowl piece).

An unusual and interesting cooling cup bubble in the form of plastic with a cocktail and a straw. The flask is made of acrylic and has an impressive volume, allowing stoners to pour a large amount of liquid, thereby cooling the smoke as much as possible and being more pleasant to stoners’ lungs. This bubble is completely dismountable, making it easy to clean.

Stoners bought this cooling cup bubble says:

  1. Excelentes materiales, aún no lo pruebo pero la calidad superior se nota mucho.

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