Wholesale Flowering Cactus Carb Cap

//Wholesale Flowering Cactus Carb Cap

Wholesale Flowering Cactus Carb Cap

Wholesale Flowering Cactus Carb Cap

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Wholesale Flowering Cactus Carb Cap 

Stoners and potheads would love to add this Flowering Cactus Carb Cap to their dabbing set up. That’s why all tobacconists, dispensaries, C-B-D shops, head shops, smoke shops, and online stores should have this one.

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Flowering Cactus Carb Cap for Quartz Banger Oil DAB RigFlowering Cactus Carb Cap for Quartz Banger Oil DAB RigFlowering Cactus Carb Cap for Quartz Banger Oil DAB Rig

Glass Flowering Catus Carb cap on Top for Quartz Banger 

  • Featuring a green cactus with a red flower, this carb cap not only works well and it looks cute too!
  • It is a must have dabbing accessory when using domeless nails.
  • It’s important to use a carb cap when dabbing to ensure all of the waxes and oils are vaporized.
  • Carb caps also lower the temperature required for vaporizers providing smokers with better flavor from their concentrates.

This Flowering Cactus Carb Cap fits most standard quartz dab nails.

How to use this cactus carb cap:

  • heat the nail like you normally do
  • drop your dry herb/flower in
  • cover the carb cap over the domeless nail
  • These caps restrict airflow to your nail and increase flavor and efficiency.
  • Carb caps allow you to do low temperature dabs for better flavor and to ensure you get the most out of your concentrates.
  • Carb caps allow your nail to retain heat for a longer time

This Flowering Cactus Carb Cap Fits Most Quartz Nails:

  • This cactus carb cap is really cute and works just right.
  • Great Glass Carb Cap ever.
  • Ordered this little cactus to match my rig and it looks and works great. Love the detail.
  • It works nicely with one of my nails.
  • This little Cactus Carb Cap is adorable! Works great too!
  • This super cute carb cap came earlier than expected and looks and feels exactly as described.
  • It is a great addition to the glass collection I’ve kept over the years.

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