Wholesale Smokey Glass Rolling Filter Tip

//Wholesale Smokey Glass Rolling Filter Tip

Wholesale Smokey Glass Rolling Filter Tip

Wholesale Smokey Glass Rolling Filter Tip

  • Length: 35mm Diameter:10 mm
  • 200 Glass Tips in one box
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Wholesale Smokey Glass Rolling Filter Tip

Wholesale Smokey Glass Rolling Filter Tip.  They are packed as 200 pcs tips per each storage box, and then 10 boxes in one carton. So order 2,000 pcs will be exactly one carton.
-Also the default bullet tips are WITHOUT any LOGO on. Can add your LOGO on
-Handmade and there is +- 0.2 Erros.

Big Smokey Glass Rolling Filte

Big Smokey Glass Rolling Filter Tip


Details of the Big Smokey Glass Rolling Filter Tip:

  • Length: 35mm
  • Diameter:10 mm
  • Size: King Size
  • 200 Glass Tips in one box
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass

Take cleaner, smoother & bigger hits instantly with this Big Rolling Filter Tip:

Big Smokey Glass Rolling Filte

  1. Don’t have to roll any different. This big glass tips eliminate the need for crutches. Slip the joint into the filter and then smoke! Also, its fully reusable.Effective filtration means much less coughing from stoner’s rolls. Specially designed to keep greens out of stoner’s mouth and reduce tar.
  2. Smoke more efficiently, since stoners can easily smoke the entirety of their roll. No burnt fingers trying to light up the last of the roach.Get a grip on rolls without ever worrying about soggy tips or mangled filters.
    Inspired by traditional cigarett holders (but with a modern twist), our glass tips protect stoner’s mouth from resin and keep unwanted smells off of them.
  3. Take these tips anywhere from the couch after a long day’s work to the beach for some serious chill. Use it to hold rolls or even pack it like a one hitter. Stoners and smokers love it no matter how andwhere! Since their filter tips are made of glass, they’re easy to clean and preserves fresh, natural flavors while you smoke – better than the wood, metal, plastic or paper tip alternatives.

Stoners bought this Glass Rolling Filter Tip said:

  • I use this tip every day. I keep 3-4 on hand at all times. I searched high and low for the perfect glass filter tip for my half wacky/ half un-wacky rolled cigarettes. I bought several inferior products before finding the Purr glass tip. It’s sturdy for being so small, super easy to clean with a cotton swab, and makes my smoking experience much smoother.
  • Pro tip: If you use this rolling tip daily like I do, you need to have backups on hand. They are easy to lose!
  • I gave this glass tip to a friend for their birthday, they liked it and sent me a picture where you could see the tar trapped.
  • It does filter out tar. Best glass tips I have used. Highest quality and function
  • The preroll tip is my favorite for a daily smoke but the large is great on the weekend.
  • Does what it says and fits my mini and regular sized pre rolls.
    I intend on using this glass filter tip for my personal cannagars but I gave it a test run in a Benny paper. Let me tell you, when I say this is the best glass tip I’ve ever tried I mean it. Airflow, perfect length to cool the smoke, and you can tell they take pride in the quality of the product.
  • Stoner must
    Whether you’re into prerolls or rolling yourself, this glass gets the job done in strides. This tip is an essential part of my rolls now, especially since you can completely avoid using paper filters and smoke all the way through your material. It is about as close to a pipe feel without a pipe as you can get, making smoking a breeze, especially with how good the pull feels, at no real added weight. When it gets dirty enough, cleaning couldn’t be simpler than a qtip and some isopropyl. I think best of all really is that you can pretty much continue rolling like you normally would (or popping open a fresh preroll from the club) and just slip the tip over & you’re ready to go.
  • Avid smoker’s best friend. Great smoke accelerator. Perfect for RAW Pre-roll cones
    Must get correct fit for joint into glad tube but well worth the effort. Increases volume of smoke so it’s a super hit.
  • Love this tip. Fits the RAW cones perfectly.
  • This glass tip keeps your hands from smelly. Fits perfectly in different cone tips.
  • Awesome filter tip I mean top shelf. Easy to clean and make the smoking experience seem more
  • Great glass smoking piece for a BIG one.
    This Smokey Tip arrived right on time;  I love the milky white glass. Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to roll a fatty.
  • These are the best glass tips you can buy. Great product and service. Product exceeded my expectations. High quality, perfect size, and it works great
  • The glass is thick and it has a good feel when holding. It comes in a small box (like a cardboard jewelry box) to keep safe if your worried about losing/breaking it. It’s definitely way too large for me because I use 1-1/4 papers which are just too small. I have not been able to use it while smoking so it’s performance I cannot say anything about. And since I haven’t used it I don’t know how easy it is to clean either. 5 stars for quality!

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