Skull Gas Mask Bong Hookah Assorted Colors

//Skull Gas Mask Bong Hookah Assorted Colors

Skull Gas Mask Bong Hookah Assorted Colors

Skull Gas Mask Bong Hookah

Each smoker and stoner need this Skull Silicon Gas Mask Bong.

  • Bring your gas mask to the party and be the one. The gas mask bong is the best party stuff. and so much fun!
  • It is ready to go. No need to buy anything else




Skull Gas Mask Bong Hookah Hookah Assorted Colors

Super cool Skull Gas Mask Bong Hookah. It comes with an unbreakable Acrylic Skull bong. Ready to go.

Skull Gas Mask Bong Hookah

How people say about this Skull Gas Mask Bong:

  • The mask can comfortably fit most sizes because of the elastic straps in the back.
  • No need to buy anything else, It is a mask+bong kit, totally ready to go.
  • I LOVE this gas mask bong. Perfect adjustable straps, Awesome face suction, NICE
  • This face mask bong is hilarious cool and hits like a dream
  • This gas mask is absolutely amazing. I love the way it seals and fits my face and it gets me absolutely baked- Said Mike.

What is the vent on the side of the face mask for?

-To let the smoke out if you want

Is this Skull Gas Mask ready to go? Should I buy anythings to use it?

-It is ready to go! No more things needed.

Does this Face Mask Bong Hookah fit my head?

– Yes. It is adjustable and fits all sizes.

Is the face mask bong detachable?

-Yes it is detachable.

Do I need to buy a cap with it or anything?

– It is ready to go! You don’t need to buy anything at all.

Is this Skull Gas Mask glass?

-No. this gas mask is made of silicone and the bong is made of acrylic.

Does this come with a bong or just the mask?

-It comes with both. face mask+bong.

Specification of this silicone face mask bong:

  • Material: silicone rubber
  • Length: About 7.9 inch=20cm
  • Net weight: 570 grams
  • Diameter: 38. 5mm
  • Packing: each in one gift box
  • Packing quantity: 24pcs/carton
  • Gross weight: 21kgs
  • Carton size: 47×55. 5x40cm

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