Silicone Covered Glass Chillum Pipe 3.5inch

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Silicone Covered Glass Chillum Pipe 3.5inch

Wholesale Silicone Covered Glass Chillum Pipe

  • 3.5 inches long
  • thick borosilicate glass
  • Wrapped with silicone to protect the glass

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Wholesale Silicone Covered Glass Chillum Pipe

This Silicone Covered Glass Chillum Pipe are packed like 20 pcs per each display box, and then 25 jars in one carton. So order 500 pcs will be exactly one carton.

Stocking your smoke shop or dispensary with these silicone chillums. This is the key to racking up sales. This 48-piece display contains one of our best options for smokers on the go.

Silicone Covered Glass Chillum Pipe


Silicone Covered Glass Chillum Pipe

Product Specifications of this Silicone Covered Glass Chillum Pipe:

  • 3.5 inches long
  • thick borosilicate glass
  • Wrapped with silicone to protect the glass
  • heavy weight for durability
  • 1-2 hitter pipe
  • Easy to clean
  • Assorted colors and random delivery

Silicone Covered Glass Chillum Pipe

3.5″ glass chillum (one-hitter) with permanent silicone cover. Great for a hit or two when stoners need to be medicated:

  • Need a new taster for your 3.5″ dugout? Maybe you’ve broken your bat or lost it. This colorful and durable 3.5-inch glass taster features a protective silicone sleeve to protect it from bangs and drops and to keep your fingers cool.
  • The glass portion of this taster bat is made from sturdy borosilicate glass. The protective silicone sleeve makes the one-hitter easy to hold and use. These 3.5″ swirled silicone-wrapped glass tasters come in random colors, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the one you get.
  • These taster bats make great gifts for anyone who enjoys taking discreet hits on-the-go. Pick up a few so you have an extra and one to use as a gift.
  •  Assorted colors Assorted swirl colors Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece Borosilicate Glass Vapor Path Buy Multiple and Save! Chillum Durable Silicone Shell Glass taster with protective silicone skin Highest Quality Materials Silicone

Swirled Silicone Wrapped Glass Taster Chillum

  • This colorful and practical hybrid taster bat is perfect for taking quick hits on-the-go. This is a 3.5-inch long clear glass chillum that’s covered with a protective food-grade silicone sleeve featuring bright swirled colors.
  • The silicone sleeve will protect the chillum from cracking and breaking, and give you a great grip when taking your rips. With its compact size, this glass chillum with the silicone covering is a very fast & discreet way to smoke. Unlike a traditional bowl, when you light this one-hitter, you mimic the same motion as lighting a cigarette.
  • Grab your silicone covered glass insert chillum today so you can take quick small hits of your favorite dry herb strains any time you like.
  • A chillum that can go on all of your adventures (and recover from a fall way quicker!)  These are great to slip into your pocket for on the go, and easily replaced so it’s not too big of a bummer if you lose it. The dueling materials of silicone and glass make it easier to hold and offer way less the chance of burning your hand! Grab your next sidekick and hit the trails!

SPECIFICATIONS of Silicone Framed Glass Chillum Pipe:

  • One hitter pipe style
  • Straight tube shape
  • Silicon Wrapped
  • High quality borosilicate glass

Buyer Review of this glass chillum pipe:

  • Feel so much better after using it. Super easy to use .
  • The silicone shell is kind like  little grooves for my fingers to hold the glass pipe.
  • Doesn’t slip out of my hand and if it does-protected by the silicone!!
  • These chillums are compact and sturdy, easy to carry around.

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