Wholesale Pre Rolled Paper Tips 8X18mm

//Wholesale Pre Rolled Paper Tips 8X18mm

Wholesale Pre Rolled Paper Tips 8X18mm

Wholesale Pre Rolled Paper Tips

  • Length: 18mm Diameter:8 mm
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Wholesale Pre Rolled Paper Tips 8 X18mm

Wholesale Pre Rolled Paper Tips.  They are packed as 10,000 pcs/opp bag. And we also provide optional Jar package and the extra jar costs USD0.29/Jar.

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Pre Rolled Paper Tips

Pre Rolled Filter Tips



Details of thePre Rolled Filter Tips:

  • I shaped
  • Quantity | 10,000 Tips/opp bags (count ’em – it’s our guarantee!)
  • Material | Unbleached paper
  • Size | 8 mm in diameter and 18 mm in length
  • Use | perfect to use for hand rolling OR with an automated rolling machine
  • Design | Blank tip

Stoners Brought these w-shaped filter tips said:

Way better then Raw
These pre rolled tips are perfect the raw cones diameter was too small and I didn’t know it till I ordered these! They fit perfectly in my blunts and the price is amazing compared to raw
Bought the 8mm to use with a roller. Works great. With 10,000 in a package, it’ll take a very long time before I have to place an order again. Next time, I’ll give the 7mm a try. But the 8mm works good.
I would have to say that these filter tips are perfect for most rollers. The 8 mm tip is the perfect size.
These paper tips are very sturdy and give you a better smoke than rolling your own idc what anyone says all tip packs are flimsy pieces of garbage paper that deforms every time, but these right here get u a good smoke every time. It is a no brainer
I love these paper tips. They’re the perfect size and very sturdy. Will be purchasing more!
I am a regular smoker and I only have to buy a new jar every few months. I have purchased tips from a couple different brands and this one is definitely the best value on Amazon. Lots of tips, great quality!
8 diameter perfect for my needs. Wish they were W shape filters instead of just the cross-through because I always have a bit of loss, have to tap it on the table first so nobody gets a scoob. Sounds like I’m complaining but I’m not really, still love these and will continue to buy and use! Nice container they come in too, I appreciate being able to reuse it!
If you want some good quality, natural fiber filters, these are the ones they do great they don’t break down there. Nice heavy duty if you want them there grapevine get these. These are the ones I buy all the time I wouldn’t buy any others I highly recommend them.
Great for rolling your own Best deal on filter tips.
These are the same size filters as the “Natty” wraps. Perfect for blunts a d joints. And you can have them customized, hello small businesses! Great purchase at a great price with some fast shipping. Highly recommended
I have been purchasing the Raw-brand preformed tips for several years. I usually get ~100 tips for around the same price I paid for this product — except this product offers 500 tips per container. The wide-mouth jar makes it easy to get tips out and they work as good as the other brand name that is 5 times the cost. Will definitely be ordering these again!
Tips make smoking more pleasurable
They’re only 1mm wider in diameter than 7mm tips, but it’s a BIG 1mm.
I did a side by side squish test with the Raw brand and it crumbled under the pressure of my nondominant hand. These barely budged. They are sturdy, affordable, and they come in a cool clear container. You can’t beat that, man.
buy this pre rolled tip for the perfectionist or the amateur cigarette roller.
Works perfectly! Nice storage container and the air flow is impeccable!!!

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