Wholesale Pre Rolled Crutch Tip 6X18mm

//Wholesale Pre Rolled Crutch Tip 6X18mm

Wholesale Pre Rolled Crutch Tip 6X18mm

Wholesale Pre Rolled Crutch Tip

  • Length: 18mm Diameter:6 mm
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Wholesale Pre Rolled Crutch Tip 6 X18mm

Wholesale Pre Rolled Crutch Tip.  They are packed as 10,000 pcs/opp bag. And we also provide optional Jar package and the extra jar costs USD0.29/Jar.

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Pre Rolled Crutch Tip

Pre Rolled Filter Tips



Details of thePre Rolled Filter Tips:

  • I shaped
  • Quantity | 10,000 Tips/opp bags (count ’em – it’s our guarantee!)
  • Material | Unbleached paper
  • Size | 8 mm in diameter and 18 mm in length
  • Use | perfect to use for hand rolling OR with an automated rolling machine
  • Design | Blank tip

Original Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tips, Unrefined Rolling Cigarette Filters, Ø6mm Rolling Paper Joints, Suitable for All Kinds of Rolling Machine

Stoners Brought these w-shaped filter tips said:

These Crutch tips are great, just as good as the more expensive ones.
They are just the right size. solid enough to shape a good roll around. affordable.
This filter tips is perfect for a regular roller! You won’t have to buy filters for a very long time, depending on how much you use them of course. The filters are quality made.
I have had the crutch filters for about two months now and I am maybe 1/5 of the way through. I went through a period of rolling a lot and I barely put a dent in it. I highly recommend!
Absolutely love the Crutch tips!  Every stoner is going to choose a bottle with 420 on it, every time, over a bottle of 450
The trick is to unravel them I use a razor to unravel them and then they auto fit to the size of the material I am rolling. I use a rolling machine as well
Roll up nice. I don’t have to roll it up. They do the job.
Good Filters They work! No muss, no fuss; if you can roll you’re good. I like filters, ability to smoke more of filter tips w/o ditching stub or having residue on fingers plus it looks good.
Great quality and easy to roll up with
Perfect Crutch tips to minimize waste and make you feel like royalty
I received exactly what I needed Hand rolled/Pre-roll
Perfect score Better than the raw tips and awesomeeeee packaging!
This filter tips is true to size and very effective. It provides a smooth pull and made many things better for my experience.

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