Wholesale Mobile Phone Electric Grinder

//Wholesale Mobile Phone Electric Grinder

Wholesale Mobile Phone Electric Grinder

WholesaleMobile Phone Electric Grinder

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Wholesale Mobile Phone Electric Grinder

Wholesale Mobile Phone Electric Grinder!  These Weed grinders are made to work with any cell phone and provide a smooth & quick grind. The grinder comes with all adapters to allow it to work with any cell phone on the market. Just plug the grinder into the power port of the phone and it starts working. Great tool for the smoker that has it all. We have more available designs for choice, contact us for details (maybao_weed@163.com)

Mobile Phone Electric Grinder

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Electronical Phone Grinder/Mobile Phone Electric Grinder/Cell Phone Powered Herb Grinder

The electric USB tobacco grinder can perfectly grind any type of dry plants, tobacco and spices in seconds. This is a very convenient and portable electric grinder.

  1. Can be used on any Android phone with a Micro USB charging power slot and any iPhone above iPhone 5.
  2. Easy to use and clean.
  3. Three-way steel blade for even grinding of any type of spice or tobacco.
  4. Small/compact/portable/comparable.
  5. Transparent color allows you to check the tobacco consistency.
  6. Fast, convenient and easy to use.
  7. Reduce waste, keep it clean and not mixed.
  8. Able to finely cut dry plants, tobacco and spices.

2 x USB Electric Herb & Tobacco Grinder Powered By SMARTPHONES USB-C

Having a great and eye-catching grinder in your possession is a crucial thing for all smokers.

The electric weed grinder is a fast, powerful, and quality electric grinder that grinds your herbs in no time. It is made of high-grade plastic to provides you the perfect grind every time. It features three connectors for Apple/Android Phones, perfect for traveling stoners.

About this cellphone grinder:

  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABILITY: The herb grinder is made of high quality zinc. Solid zinc alloy ensures durable durability
  • WIDE USE: With improved sharp curved teeth, the grinder can cut and grind your tobacco and most herbs and rotates smoothly. Better efficiency with dried herbs and spices
  • Magnetic lid: strong magnets keep the lid tightly closed to avoid waste. A micron grid sieves pollen to catch the best grains
  • Good in waste reduction: The bottom compartment can collect grass powder while they filter through a mesh sieve

Electric Grinder that plugs straight into stoners’s phones 

  • Mobile Phone Electric Grinder
  • Material: Durable Plastic
  • Size: 52mm×71mm
  • Weight: 60g
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Three Connectors

Introducing the Electronical Phone Grinder – a groundbreaking fusion of functionality and style, seamlessly integrating the convenience of a grinder. This innovative device is designed to simplify and enhance your herb and spice grinding experience, seamlessly fitting into your modern lifestyle.

Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 Functionality: Seamlessly transitions between a grinder and smartphone attachment, serving as both a discreet conversation starter and a valuable tool.
  • Precision Grinding: Equipped with razor-sharp, diamond-cut teeth, the built-in grinder swiftly and efficiently grinds herbs and spices to perfection.
  • Secure Magnetic Closure: The grinder sections securely seal thanks to a reliable magnetic closure system, ensuring product freshness and preventing accidental spills.

Additional Features:

  • Compact and Portable
  • User-Friendly
  • USB Charging Capability
  • Unique and Entertaining
  • Ideal for Gifting

The Electronical Phone Grinder elevates your herb and spice preparation game and is a must-have for cannabis enthusiasts, blending utility, elegance, and contemporary design seamlessly.

Multipurpose grinder. So handy and great price

I love this grinder, Grinds fast and smooth as advertised. Definitely a conversation piece

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