Metal Bat Pipe 2″ Assorted Colors

//Metal Bat Pipe 2″ Assorted Colors

Metal Bat Pipe 2″ Assorted Colors

  • Push bowl design & Smooth Hit & Taste
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Length: 8 cm = 3.15 inches
  • Inner Diameter: 7 mm
  • Weight: 10 g
  • Clear color

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If you wanna be discreet, this Metal Bat Pipe is the just-right pipe to use for that option.

It is the best convenient way to hold one hit of herb or tobacco, limit the inhalation, and be discreet at the same time.

HOW TO USE Metal Bat Pipe:

  1. Just stab the top of the bat pipe with the dry herb or tobacco
  2. Pack Vertically
  3. Light it up and Inhale it
  4. Push the bottom upwards to empty it once you’ve done the smoking.
  5. Save for Later: discreetly slipped into a pocket or purse for safekeeping.

These handy 2.2” Metal Bat Pipe, can be loaded in seconds and ready to use. Its grooved body provides great grip. The bat is a perfect replacement or spares since it fits all small dugouts and taster boxes.

The bat is also perfect for bringing to parties, festivals or just for a quick hit on the go since it is so handy and discreet.

Very use to clean. Simply use PIPE CLEANER to clean it. 

Each smoke shop and dispensary should have this portable and affordable one-hitter bat on the shelf. Stoners and smokers love them.

  • Length: 59 mm =2.2 inches
  • Material: Fine aluminum
  • This bat is intended for tobacco use only.

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