Lavender Tulip Bong Bowl Wholesale

///Lavender Tulip Bong Bowl Wholesale

Lavender Tulip Bong Bowl Wholesale

Lavender Tulip Bong Bowl Wholesale

  • Minimum Order Quantity = 100 pcs.
  • Production time=15-20 days.


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Lavender Tulip Bong Bowl Wholesale

We produce Lavender Tulip Bong Bowl Wholesale. 18mm or 14mm to accommodate a wide variety of water smoking pipes. Contact us if you’re interested in ordering at a factory price

Lavender Tulip Bong Bowl Wholesale

  •  Material: Expensive imported glass. Only this raw material can make the beautiful gradient purple.
  • Low MOQ=100 pcs
  • Size:  14mm or 18mm. Gender: male or female

Lavender Tulip Bong Bowl Wholesale

A must have bong bowl for all smoke shops, head shops, online stores, and medical dispensaries.

Details of this elegant Lavender Tulip Bowl:

  • MOQ: 100 piece
  • Size:  14mm or 18mm
  • Gender: male or female
  • Height: 2″  Width: 2.2″
  • Weight: 45.0 G

Double the fun with the beautiful, elegant LAVENDER TULIP slide bowls by MAYBAO WHOLESALE:

Any headshops,smoke shops, dispensaries, and online stores, should have this lavender tullip bowl.

Perfect Gift For Smokers, stoners,and potheads:

  • I got my wife one for her business. And she’s even talking about doing a big bulk order to have for gifts for her customers!
  • I love this bong bowl, so beautiful!
  • Very femme lesbian stoner vibes. Smoke the flower in a flower.
  • It is a big bowl that holds a lot. It is super duper cute! I combined it with the purple pipe.
  • Its glass is super thick and the leave make it easy to lift up! It’s absolutely elegant and adorable

All smoke shops, online stores, dispensaries, and head shops need this glass Bowl

You can mix order this Glass Bong bowl with other glass bowls series together.  Mixed order is welcome.

Directly from the factory, with no middle man, we promise to bring you the best price. So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate and contact us for wholesale prices today!

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