5ml Glass Glass wax container with silicone lid

//5ml Glass Glass wax container with silicone lid

5ml Glass Glass wax container with silicone lid

Glass wax container with silicone lid

  • Available and small orders, say 10 pcs are welcome
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Glass wax container with silicone lid

This glass wax container with silicone lid is available. Even 1 piece order is welcome!  
-Only 5ml wax containers are available for now
-Only green & orange colors are available for now.
Glass Glass wax container with silicone lid

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Glass wax container with silicone lid

  1. Size: 2.2 * 2.4cm. Approximately 1 inch x 1 inch tall
  2. Silicone drip design suction lid
  3. No neck design for easy filling and use.
  4. Glass jar: Airtight to prevent leakage
  5. Capacity: 5ml- 6ml (holds 6 ml of liquid)
  6. perfect for: Wax/Dabs/Concentrates/oils
  7. Material: Medical grade glass + Non-Stick silicone

The glass wax container consists of two parts:

The main part is made of non-stick glass material, the lid is made of food-grade silicone, and it has no neck design, which is flexible and airtight to prevent leakage.
The glass jars are thickened for daily use. Cute portable size.
Easy to clean: Just paper towels can do the clean work
Perfect for travel, school, business trips, and parties, and can be put into pockets, or handbags for easy storage and distinction.

Stoners bought this glass wax container says:

  1. Perfect for dabs wax and any concentrates
  2. ConvenientThese wax containers were great easy to open and close kept everything tight
  3. These wax containers were perfect. Haven’t even broken any yet and I’m famous for breaking glass. The portion size allows me to hide it in my bra, no boob sweat gets in, no THINGS leak out, and it’s a quick clean.
  4. Perfect dab container. These are Great for concentrates. The glass keeps it fresh and does not taste like Silicone.
  5. These glass jars are perfect for portion sizing my medicine. The silicone top is awesome, love the look of it dripping. The jar itself is glass. I have used it with a hot titanium nail and it doesn’t/ hasn’t cracked yet!
  6. Great for the price, works perfectly for nectar collector dabs.
  7. I love the extra jar I got it is perfect for green colors or putting powder in.
  8. Perfect for about 3gs of concentrate.

Product weight: 8.5g
Packaging method: 100PCS/can 932g
Packing quantity: 1000PCS
Outer box size: 40 * 36 * 37cm
Weight: 12kgs

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A mixed order is welcome.

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