Glass Downstem 14mm Female to 18mm Male Joint

/, Downstem/Glass Downstem 14mm Female to 18mm Male Joint

Glass Downstem 14mm Female to 18mm Male Joint

Glass Downstem 14mm Female to 18mm

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Glass Downstem 14mm Female To 18mm Male Joint

Glass Downstem 14mm Female to 18mm is A must have for all smoke shops, head shops, dispensaries, and online stores. Becuase stoner’s downstem always breaks first.  This is why it’s a good idea to have a spare one readily available!
A downstem is an essential component of a water pipe that fits into the joint of a smoking pipe. We offer glass downstems in various joint sizes and lengths to suit stoners’ needs. Our selection includes a wide range of durable and smooth downstems to choose from.

The USD0.5 is for the smallest one (6cm), contact us for the prices for different sizes.


Glass Downstem 14mm Female to 18mm

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Will a 14mm bowl fit in this downstem?

Yes! This piece slides into an 18.8 mm female jointed water pipe and a 14.5 mm male bowl slides into the top of this downstem.

When it says 18mm to 14mm does that mean the pack needs to be an 18mm?

That means that the joint of your water pipe needs to be an 18mm in order to take in the downstem, which will then turn the opening of the downstem into a 14mm, allowing you to use a 14mm bowl or banger. I hope this helped!

Is the measurement from the frosty part down or the entire down-stem-thanks?

We start measuring length after the frosted joint, so just the clear tubing portion should be measured.

Stoners and smokers love our Glass Downstem 14mm Female to 18mm:

  • Amazing glass and it fits perfectly Into my “water pipe” that I haven’t used in years because I never found the right size but wow it feels good
  • The downstems are great. people looking at these should keep in mind length is after the blurry top part and applies to the bottom clear stem
  • Indeed, this downstem is sleek, simple, and serviceable. Good to have a quality backup on hand.
  • The 3 inch downstem fit my water pipe perfectly
  • It works like a dream and pulls huge bubbles.
  • Now that I’ve had a chance to use two different lengths of the same item, I can see that quality control is a big deal here. Both pieces are virtually identical aside from the length. Nice and thick, great diffusion, excellent grind. Full marks!

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