Wholesale Glass Daisy Bong

//Wholesale Glass Daisy Bong

Wholesale Glass Daisy Bong

Wholesale Glass Daisy Bong

  • NOT readymade, need to place a production order and take 20-25 days to produce
  • MOQ=20 PCS
  • Contact us for shipping cost and more information
  • (maybao_weed@163.com  whatsapp:+8613510426490)


Wholesale Glass Daisy Bong

Wholesale Glass Daisy Bong.  These Daisy Bongs are NOT readymade, need to place a production order and take 20-25 days to produce. MOQ=20 pieces. Contact us for shipping costs and more information (maybao_weed@163.com  whatsapp:+8613510426490)

Glass Daisy Bong

The body of this bong is Clear. Check here for Pink Glass body.

Details about this Daisy Glass Water Pipe :

  • Daisy Theme
  • Total Height: 25cm=10 inches
  • Base Diameter:   inches
  • Neck Diameter:   inches
  • Glass Thickness: 4mm
  • Downstem Length:  inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Material: Made of resistant, borosilicate glass.

Glass Daisy Bong

Daisy Glass Water Pipe Bong:

  • Perfect-The Daisy bong is so cute and smokes great! 100% recommend.
  • So pretty it hurts!-Of course this bong is gorgeous but overall I’m in love with the size. Fits so snug in my hands and the mouth piece doesn’t cover my entire mouth like other pieces.
  • Worth every penny I spend-So cute!! Just as shown, good size, good weight to it.
  • I’m so obsessed with this bong, great size, super cute, and  pretty sturdy
  • I love how this daisy pipe looks, it’s so so gorgeous and works fantastic!
  • It’s such a pretty bong, great quality, and very sturdy, which is excellent for a clumsy gal like me!  I love having it on my shelf almost as much as I love using it
  • Gorgeous bong-This glass bong is so gorgeous and cute. The pink glass is very noticeable. It’s super easy to clean. It’s great and hits clean.

This Retro Daisy Glass bong is no doubt A must have for all smoke shops.

Check here for more Bongs for your choices.

Some are readymade in stock and can ship today.  Mixed order is welcome.

Directly from the factory, no middle man, we promise to bring you the best price. So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate and contact us for wholesale prices today!

  • maybao_weed@163.com
  • WhatsApp:+8613510426490