Wholesale Glass DAB Straw with Cap

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Wholesale Glass DAB Straw with Cap

Wholesale Glass DAB Straw with Cap

  • Come with silicone cap
  • Not readymade, contact us for MOQ and other information
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Wholesale Glass DAB Straw with Cap

Wholesale Glass DAB Straw with Cap, they are NOT readymade, MOQ=2000 pcs. The default straw is without any logo. Just let you know that we have the ability to produce it. Not Readymade and needs 7-15 days of production.

Stocking your smoke shop or dispensary with these straws (come with silicone caps). This Glass Dab Straw is the key to racking up sales. This 48-piece display contains one of our best options for smokers on the go.

Glass DAB Straw with Cap

Product Specifications of this Glass DAB Straw :

  • 5″ Tall x 12MM Wide
  • Pyrex Glass
  • Silicone cap for keeping the tip clean!
  • Sold as a 48-count display.

This Glass Dab Straw with a Cap is also called Nectar Collectors. Honey straws. Dab sticks:

  • Whatever you call it, these glass straws are perfect for concentrate users
  • Easy to Use:
  • There’s really nothing difficult to the glass straw.
  • With this dab straw, stoners can quickly and efficiently inhale their dabs in 3 easy steps!
  • These straws are vertical glass tubes that smokers heat with a torch.
  • After the bottom end of the glass is hot, simply lay the tub onto your concentrate, inhale, and voila, you’re taking a dab.

Glass DAB Straw with Cap

This Glass DAB Straw with a cap provides a smooth filter for dry herbs (flowers)

  • Great For Low Temperatures
  • This Whit Rhin glass straw is made from high-quality Pyrex glass and stands 5″ tall x 12mm.
  • This glass dab straw also features a silicone cap to keep the tip from getting dirty. Works best with silicone jars or a dab dish. Pyrex nectar collector is ideal for low-temperature use.
  • If you like to use high temperatures with your glass straw you may want to go with
  • The glass Dab Straws from Whit Rhin are made from high-quality glass.
  • Each one features a silicone cap that the user can put back on after each use, helping to keep the tip clean.

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