Wholesale Gem-Filled Glass Smoking Pipe Kit

//Wholesale Gem-Filled Glass Smoking Pipe Kit

Wholesale Gem-Filled Glass Smoking Pipe Kit

Wholesale Gem-Filled Glass Smoking Pipe Kit

  • MOQ=144 pcs
  • contact us too see if we have available ones in stock.
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Wholesale Gem-Filled Glass Smoking Pipe Kit

The MOQ of this Gem-Filled Glass Smoking Pipe Kit is 144 pcs. 
-Contact us too see if we have available ones in stock. In this case, 48 pcs order is welcome.
-The blister package might be different each batch.

Gem-Filled Glass Smoking Pipe Kit


Stocking your smoke shop or dispensary with this smoking kit which is peferct for smokers on the go.

  • With this smoking pipe kit, stoners can carry everything they need for an excellent smoking anywhere, such as hikes, at concerts, parties. All smoker shops and head shops need to get this kit on shelf.
  • The 30mm grinder is in a variety of colors and random patterns, and it even comes with 5 pipe screens that help keep the piece clean and keep stoners from accidentally sucking in ash.
  • The glass pipe also has a screw-off lid with a hole that makes toking on the go even more convenient.
  • The glass pipe is diamond-filled and with gold bowl

The Gem-Filled Glass Smoking Pipe Kit contains:

Gem-Filled Glass Smoking Pipe Kit

  • ALL-IN-ONE – 3 Piece Set
  • GRIND ON THE GO – 30mm Grinder
  • KEEP IT NEAT – 5 Screens Included
  • POCKET READY – Convenient blister
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – 3.3oz Weight

Stoners bought the Gem-Filled Glass Smoking Pipe Kit says:

  •  Sweet
    Extremely usable smoking kit for a great price
  • Cool Smoke Kit
    Love, love, love my Stoner On The Go kit !! Use it for my ” Wake and Bake ” morning routine. So convenient to take with you when your out . I highly recommend it !
  • Go Crazy
    this kit if the definition of “smoking on the go”. the bowl is a perfect size, it literally fits in the palm of your hand. the grinder is super convenient because it grinds the bag down so good to fit in the bowl. it rips HARD and that’s what i like, you get really nice clouds if you like that. the screens you get are very very nice to have because the grinder grinds the wxxd down so fine you’re at risk of swallowing some bag if you suck too hard. i’d definitely recommend this item to anyone who works a job where you can sneak off on a 30 and get lit or if you’re
  • Great smoking pipe kit!
    Love it! Very well put together, the grinder works great. Would definitely recommend this smoke kit to others!
    I love my stoner on the go kit. It comes in for great use for us stoners on the go.
  • All In One kit!
    great little pipe kit! it is now my fave. Best pipe i have ever owned. love the screw on cover and you even included screens and a grinder.
  • Small
    Small and convenient on the go. Small but come with everything you need. it’s very easy to use wherever she is able to smoke. That’s a very handy way to smoke on the go
  • Nice Kit
    It’s good for on the go perfect size.No other way to be when you have this kit!
  • Absolutely Perfect!
    I just used mine for the first time today, on a beach trip! Perfect size and I LOVE the mini grinder! This is the perfect on the go kit!

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