Flower Bong Bowl Slider Wholesale

///Flower Bong Bowl Slider Wholesale

Flower Bong Bowl Slider Wholesale

Flower Bong Bowl Slider Wholesale

  • Minimum Order Quantity = 100 pcs.
  • Production time=15-20 days.
  • maybao_weed@163.com


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Flower Bong Bowl Slider Wholesale

We produce this Flower Bong Bowl Slider Wholesale. A must have for all smoke shops, head shops, online stores, and dispensaries.

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Flower Bong Bowl Slider Wholesale

Details of this elegant Flower Bowl Slider:

  1. Material: Fine glass
  2. It is cute to look at and it makes water pipes look 10 x cuter
  3. Materials: borosilicate glass
  4. Colors: Assorted colors or contact us for color choice
  5. Size: 14 mm or 18 mm
  6. Gender: male or female
    MOQ=100 pcs

Perfect Gift For Smokers, stoners, and potheads:

  • A Great Christmas Gift: I purchased the flower bowl for my dad. To my delight, he loved it immediately and now uses it as his primary bowl. He praised the bowl’s shape for its excellent airflow and how it perfectly fit into one of his favorite custom pieces.
  • This daisy flowerbowl piece is so pretty I love it! Perfect final touch to my pink daisy smoking pipe. I save it more for decoration because the bowl is sooo big. There is no way I’ll put that much bud/”flower” in it. So I do use the one it came with.
  • It’s so cute, kinda big but i love it.
  • I purchased the amber colored bowl slider to pair with the 70’s Swirl and Twist smoking pipe and I am obsessed. It is such a pretty color and the perfect size for packing larger bowls, everybody compliments it!
  • It’s a good size bowl. You don’t really need a screen because of how small the little hole is, which is nice! This matches the sunset smoking pipe perfectly.
  • The bowl itself was actually larger than I thought it would be. Seriously gotta pack it halfway full every time but very pretty and I love it.
  • Cute and functional-it’s a very big bowl! i use this to smoke with my pothead friends and everyone thinks it’s cute.
  • Super cute and deep – I’m able to fit a lot of flower in this bowl, easy to clean it, and works nicely with the “Groovy Wave Smoking pipe”.
  • This Daisy flower bowl is super cute and big!
  • I will say I did have to be a little creative in order to pack the bowl down but it is super cute.
  • I bought one of the 70s style water pipe and this goes super cute with it.
  • I bought this bowl to match my retro water pipe. It fits perfect and is honestly gorg.
  • This flower bowl is a lot deeper than my other bowls.  But the quality is on par with the other bowls I’ve gotten from Canna Style. It’s pretty, durable, and easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol.  I would recommend this bowl if you’re looking for something deeper that can hold more than the other bowls.

All smoke shops, online stores, dispensaries, and head shops need this glass flower Bowl slider

You can mix order this Glass Bong bowl with other glass bowls series together.  Mixed order is welcome.

Directly from the factory, with no middle man, we promise to bring you the best price. So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate and contact us for wholesale prices today!

  • maybao_weed@163.com
  • WhatsApp:+8613510426490