Custom Printed Mylar Bags USD80 for 400pcs

//Custom Printed Mylar Bags USD80 for 400pcs

Custom Printed Mylar Bags USD80 for 400pcs

Custom Printed Mylar Bags

  • Lowest minimums in the Cannabis Packaging Industry: ONLY 200 BAGS and we are good to go
  • As for the USD80 for 200 pcs , we mean the designated bag size of 10 x 12.7 cm (with zipper) ONLY. 
  • Contact us if you prefer some other sizes (say, bigger ones)
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Custom Printed Mylar Bags

Our Custom Printed Mylar Bags are the lowest minimums in the Cannabis Packaging Industry. ONLY 200 BAGS and takes 7-days to produce .
By the way,  as for the USD80 for 200 pcs , we mean the designated bag size of 10 x 12.7 cm (with zipper) ONLY.  If you prefer some other sizes (say, bigger ones), no problem, feel free to contact us for wholesale prices and more details about your own custom mylar bags.

Custom Printed Mylar Bags

Bag CapacityBag typeBag size (cm)
3.5gStand up pouch10×12.7+2.5
7gStand up pouch12*17+2.5
12gStand up pouch13×21+4
25gStand up pouch15×21+4

Get your Custom Printed Mylar Bags with logo on wholesale prices.

Custom Printed Mylar BagsOur Custom Printed Mylar Bag welcomes Low Minimum Orders:

No need to order thousands of bags you don’t need, and wait weeks to arrive.
Only 200 pcs, we are good to go!
These 200-MOQ bags will help smoke shops rapidly adapt to the market’s changing needs, seasonality, and even provide limited time offers.

Standard Direct Print Mylar Pouches are the best option. Manufactered to your size and specifications, and digitally printed directly to the bag, you have most the same great finish options as the Premium Direct Print Pouches


We use Digital printing to produce your mylar bags:

Custom Printed Mylar Bags

  1. Digital printing is using  a blanket to transfer ink to the medium (the principle of thermal offset transfer), which is heated to melt and mix ElectroInk particles and become a smooth film.
  2. A definitive image is produced on the blanket and then transferred to the substrate by direct contact.
  3. As digital printing production time is short, there’s low MOQ requirement, and the lead time can be shorted to 7 days.
  4. Since it is a quick print, no printing fee is required.But unit price of the mylar bags is relatively high.

Artwork Requirements:

  • Original artwork in AI is for best results.
  • If you are sending a Photoshop PSD/PDF, please make sure your file is at least 500dpi, CMYK color-space.
  • We also can work with JPG and PNG files. For best results, please send high resolution images.

Customers who bought our Custom Printed Mylar Bag says:

  • Came out perfect and super fast! For real, really surprised!I needed these within 17 days. Printed and shipped to my door from China to California in 10 days. Came out exactly how I wanted/ordered. No fuss, no muss. Everything that was said and advertised was 100% legit and true. Definitely will do future business with them, thank you.
  • These mylar bags are great!These mylar bags are really good quality and a great price! I was actually surprised at how good they are. It took a few weeks for them to arrive but it is worth the wait if you’re not in a hurry
  • Excellent herb Goodie BagPerfect customization bag for any use. Mine is being used for herb Goodie Bags. Love-them!
  • Just rightAnother wonderful add to my branding package, perefect for my cannas business
  • These are wonderfully made and very reasonably priced

Please pay attention to the following points when confirming the design artwork:

  1. Artwork content (text, font, pattern colors, logos, etc.).
  2. Technical specifications (size, opening direction, side seal, zipper position, tear notch position, etc.).
  3. Please scan and test barcodes and QR codes before final confirmation.

Once the artwork is confirmed, it will be considered the basis for printing production, and we cannot be held responsible for any subsequent discrepancies or errors.

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Directly from the factory, no middle man, we promise to bring you the best price. So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate and contact us for wholesale prices today!

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