Wholesale Cooling Freeze Travel Cup Bubbler

//Wholesale Cooling Freeze Travel Cup Bubbler

Wholesale Cooling Freeze Travel Cup Bubbler

Wholesale Cooling Freeze Travel Cup Bubbler

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Cooling Freeze Travel Cup Bubbler

We offer wholesale Cooling Freeze Travel Cup Bubbler

Cooling Freeze Travel Cup Bubbler

This Cooling Freeze Travel Cup Bubbler is in a disguised cup shape. It can be used anywhere without anyone realizing they are smoking!

Cold smoke acrylic tumbler with silicone lid, straw, and glass bowl.

Cooling Freeze Travel Cup Bubbler

The best cooling travel cup bubbler

  • Take stoner smoking to the next level!
  • Fits perfectly in a cup holder making it the best travel cup bubbler
  • Freezable cup body & UV reactive silicone
  • Crushed ice appearance for incognito smoking
  • Comes with a 14mm male herb slide
  • Assorted colors and random delivery

The use of this Travel Cup Bubbler is easy like a breeze

  1. Just fill the cup with water and then put the Cold Smoke Tumblers in the freezer to freeze the outer core to provide a smooth smoke.
  2. Let’s say, popping it in the freezer for one or two hours
  3. Once it’s frozen, take it out and insert the herb slide into the glass joint.
  4. Pack the bowl with dry herbs and light it up.
  5. Inhale through the silicone top for smooth, chilled hits.
  6. When done, just remove the herb slide and empty out the water.
  7. Cleaning is a no-brainer too,  Just clean the bubbler by taking it apart.
  8. Remove the herb slide and empty out the water when finished.

Stoners bought this Freeze Cup Water Pipe Says:

  1. This 6-inch tall bubbler is perfect for on-the-go smoking. The freezable cup body will chill your smoke quickly, allowing you to easily take monster hits. Plus, the crushed ice appearance adds to the incognito factor, so you can be sure not to raise any eyebrows!
  2. The bubbler also features a silicone top with a straw-like mouthpiece and a 14.5mm herb slide with a handle. The silicone top is also UV-reactive, so it will glow in the dark! Plus, the bubbler comes in various assorted colors, so you can find the perfect one for your style.
  3. The Travel Cup Bubbler is a must-have for any smoker who wants to take their experience to the next level. Get yours today and enjoy smooth, chilled hits with ease.
  4. ” So many good things about this “cup”. It works well. If you use ice, most other devices are not big enough to keep the ice in its solid state throughout the whole session. That is not the case with this as you can fill it nearly half full and your session from start to finish is ice-cooled. It also works very well with a variety of vaporizers, just need a suitable adapter. It’s discreet, and hardly even looks like paraphernalia. Easy to clean. Delivers a pleasant flavor allowing you to taste your precious terpenes. It’s very solid and nearly indestructible under normal use. And the price is reasonable. I don’t know what else you could ask for.
  5. Pretty great! This cup is amazing! It’s a bong in a cup with a lid! Aside from the fact that I couldn’t choose a color and ended up with a horrific pink shade, I say this item is a must-have.
  6. SEXY OK, something simple, from a “highly enlightened” simple mind, lol.
    I love it. About to get another for the other car.
  7. Favorite I bought this to replace a similar one and this one is way better! Pieces can be taken apart to clean, it’s heavy enough to stay put and not knock over easily, fits in my cup holders. Love it.
  8. So good Love this bubbler, it’s become my favorite!!

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