Wholesale Color Changing Oil Burner Pipe

//Wholesale Color Changing Oil Burner Pipe

Wholesale Color Changing Oil Burner Pipe

Wholesale Color Changing Oil Burner Pipe

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Wholesale Color Changing Oil Burner Pipe

Cool Color Changing Oil Burner Pipe. Cool color change, the amazing color change creates a new look with each puff.
This color changing Pyrex oil burner is a good conversation starter for meeting new people and very well-made strong glass.
It brings something new to stoners and smokers. All smoke shops, head shops, and dispensaries should get them.Color Changing Oil Burner Pipe

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The details of the color changing Glass Oil Burner:

  • Material: Pyrex Glass
  • Type: Oil burner
  • Length: 10 cm = 4 inch
  • Weight: 0.4 OZ
  • Color changing design
  • Well wrapped by bubble film. Won’t be damaged.
  • Package 1: each in one bubble bag and then 500 pcs in one carton
  • Package 2: 60 pcs in one Jar

Stoners bought this Color Changing Oil Burner Pipe says:

  • It’s a cool and different oil burner
  • Such a beautiful and thick glass piece. I love it
  • A great piece to talk about when friends see me take it out and also does its job very well. I’m very pleased!
    You can handle business with this color changing pipe If you thinking about trying it. Go ahead. It won’t be disappointed.
  • Money well spent. This color changing Pyrex oil burner is so nice and thick and so so pretty.
  • the color changing effect is right up my alley (Chameleon!)
  • The colors in it are beautiful. When I have friends over someone always compliments my new pipe. I have been looking for an oil burner pipe like this one for a long time. The quality is great.
  • The color changing oil burner does its job and it does it perfectly.
  • I wanted to get a piece that would awe my friends. This Reflective color incense burner pipe certainly did the trick.
    The glass heats well. It holds a nice amount of product (dry herb or you might say flower).
  • I love not only the size but more importantly, the thickness of this glass pipe. Perfect even with a regular bic to roll.
    And I believe the end is fumed cuz it changes awesome colors

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A mixed order is welcome.

We promise to bring you the best price directly from the factory, with no middle man. So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to contact us for wholesale prices today!

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