Clear Water Dog Oil Burner Pipe

///Clear Water Dog Oil Burner Pipe

Clear Water Dog Oil Burner Pipe

Clear Water Dog Oil Burner Pipe Wholesale

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Wholesale Clear Water Dog Oil Burner Pipe

The MOQ of this Clear Water Dog Oil Burner Pipe is 100 pcs. They are made to fit snug in almost any drinking glass.
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Clear Water Dog Oil Burner Pipe

This Clear Water Dog Oil Burner Pipe is used for burning home fragrance oils:

  • Heavy Glass Tubing
  • For Burning Fragrance Oils
  • Glass Dome with Air Hole
  • Length: 6 inch
  • Color: Clear

Stoners love this clear water dog pipe:

  • GOOD Oil burner pipe- My hubby loves the way it hits.
  • NICE PIECE OF GLASS!- Everything that I expect expected plus some. The only thing is I wish it had a stand, but a big glass beer mug does work perfectly.
  • DOESN’T GET ANY EASIER THAN THIS ONE!- I only use water pipes. But with this beautifully designed pipe and a small amount of water, you can have the benefits of a water PIPE without any connecting pieces! It’s simply genius, and my new go-to!
  • Heavier glass than most, the product won’t burn up as fast. MAYBAO WHOLESALE is the best online source. All in all, I’d have to say perfection in every way.
  • This makes smoking much smoother and enjoyable.
  • Maximizes its utility with nothing wasted. The glass is of excellent quality which makes it a superb bubbler!
  • This thing is no joke. hands down favorite piece. you have to get your ‘oil’ puddle to a slow boil (literally boiling, like with bubbles and shit) then with a nice slow burn and a soft steady inhale you get nothing but creamy goodness.
  • Easy to use- you get the hang of it and keep it upright so the water stays

How to Use Water Dog Pipe?

Here is the Guide on How to Use the Water Dog Oil Burner Pipe
The Water Dog oil burner pipe is a popular choice among stoners and potheads. With a history spanning nearly 10 years, there’s a significant number of people who are curious about how to use it. I, too, was intrigued and conducted extensive research, only to find a lack of clear instructions anywhere. However, after conducting tests and experiments, I have discovered the proper way to use it, and I’m here to share my findings. If you have any alternative methods or suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

Using the Water Dog pipe involves 2 approaches:

First Method: Filling the Pipe with Water

Fill the pipe with water, transforming it into a handheld bubbler.
You can also add ice inside the pipe, creating a cold body with a hot bowl. This mimics the functionality of ice pipes.
Unlike traditional water pipes with feet, which are prone to tipping over and breaking, placing the water dog pipe inside a cup ensures its stability. It is unlikely to break unless the cup is dropped.

Second Method: Adding Water to the Bottom

Add a moderate amount of water to the bottom of the pipe.
Be cautious not to add too much water to avoid accidentally inhaling it.

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