Bob Marley Silicone Pipe with Glass Bowl for Dry Herb Smoking

//Bob Marley Silicone Pipe with Glass Bowl for Dry Herb Smoking

Bob Marley Silicone Pipe with Glass Bowl for Dry Herb Smoking

Wholesale Bob Marley Silicone Pipe

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Bob Marley Silicone Pipe With Glass Bowl For Dry Herb Smoking 

Enjoy an exceptional smoke with the bob marley silicone pipe

It packed like 18pcs per one display box. Not readymade and MOQ=144 pcs, which is 8 display boxes

Bob Marley Silicone Pipe

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The Bob Marley Silicone Pipe Display-18ct,is the perfect solution for organizing and showcasing stoner’s collection of silicone hand pipes with style and practicality.

  • This versatile display unit is designed to meet the needs of collectors, retailers, and hobbyists, offering a sleek and efficient way to store, display, and protect stoner’s prized possessions.
  • Made from high-quality silicone, this display features 18 individual compartments, each thoughtfully designed to accommodate a variety of small items. Whether you’re showcasing jewelry, collectibles, miniatures, or other treasures, the silicone material gently cradles your items, preventing scratches or damage while allowing them to be easily seen and appreciated.
  • The Silicone Pipe Display-18ct is not only functional but also highly versatile. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to transport and place on countertops, shelves, or display cases. Its non-slip base ensures stability, and the durable silicone material is easy to clean and maintain, keeping the collection looking its best.
  • Whether you’re a collector looking to organize and showcase your prized possessions, a retailer seeking an elegant display solution, or a hobbyist in need of an efficient storage option, the Silicone Display 18ct offers the perfect combination of form and function.

4.25″ Character Silicone Pipe with Glass Bowl

  • Around 4.25″ Long
  • Weight: 2.13 oz

Stoners bought this smoking pipe says:

  • I absolutely love this bob marly pipe!
  • peace and love
  • Great hand pipe-Smoking with bless

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