Wholesale Ball and Chain Electric Grinder

//Wholesale Ball and Chain Electric Grinder

Wholesale Ball and Chain Electric Grinder

WholesaleBall and Chain Electric Grinder

  • Not Readymade and available.
  • MOQ=144 PCS
  • Contact us for more details (maybao_weed@163.com)




Wholesale Ball and Chain Electric Grinder

Wholesale Ball and Chain Electric Grinder!  These see-through electrice grinders are we made before, NOT available for now. We need an order of at least 144 pcs to re-produce them ( that’s 2 cartons). We have more available designs for choice, contact us for details (maybao_weed@163.com)

Ball and Chain Electric Grinder

Ball and Chain Electric Grinder

Below is more designs for your choice:

Ball and Chain Electric Grinder

Stoners who bought these electic grinder says:

  • if you roll every day like I do (4+ small blunts a day) then this grinder is a must have.
  • This thing is amazing. It grinds up your herbs in seconds. I have had to replace the ball bearing chain numerous times, but you can get a whole roll of it and just cut off every 11 pieces to replace it is like $15 for a 50 ft chain lifetime supply.
  • Great for people who have difficulty using a manual grinder.
  • This grinder has changed how I work with my herb. It is fast and efficient. A few seconds on the button and you get a perfect grind. With a little practice, longer or shorter presses can produce your preferred grind. I charged the grinder when I first got it and have been using it for weeks without need for a recharge. Break up the buds just a little, pull out any sticks and grind away. I typically grind up to an 1/8th or more at a time but you can only grind small chunks, about the size of a quarter coin at a single time. I thought this would be a hinderance, but it works so fast and efficiently, that doesn’t hold me back. I create my little piles and go from pile-to-pile grinding. It works on any flat surface. It does not catch kief just drops it into the ground weed. I use a small bristle brush to clean out the grinding chamber of remaining kief. Manual grinders bind up and get hard to turn. Anyone who has difficulties using manual grinders because of arthritis or other hand issues needs this grinder.
  • Not only will the wakit grinder save you loads of time from a few minutes to legit seconds. The design is friendly to large swollen arthritic hands, its effective, efficient, it also leaves the stem and seeds whole for easy removal. I could not be happier with the grinder honestly
  • Easy to use and clean. Grinds perfectly every time. Go ahead and get this grinder you will not be disappointed. The best herb grinder ever
  • if you grind a lot of bud buy the grinder immediately.  Every person who sees it in action buys it before they leave. I’d put my name on this grinder because it’s awesome. I should be a wholesale distributor of this . career change to a grinder salesman
  • It is a Life changing weed grinder
  • I use this grinder all the time! It helps my hands, with nerve damage, from using a regular grinder! Makes life much easier. Great for my carpal tunnel!


1 * Electric grinder
1 * Micro USB charging cable
1 * User Manual
1*  packing box

Details of the Wakit Electric Grinder:

  • Product Material: Plastic+metal
  • Grinder information: 7.4 * 11cm
  • Display box: 16.2 * 15.1 * 12cm
  • Packaging information: 72pcs/carton
  • Carton size: 50 * 32 * 37.5cm=12.5KGS
  • GW: 20.5kg

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Directly from the factory, no middle man, we promise you the lowest prices and the best quality. Contact us for wholesale prices today.

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