Wholesale Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe

//Wholesale Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe

Wholesale Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe

Wholesale Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe

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Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe With Glass Bowl For Dry Herb Smoking 

Get high with this baby Yoda silicone hand pipe! Order 18 pcs, it will come with the display box.​​​​​​

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Smoking with stoner’s favorite alien BABYA YODA

Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe

  1. This heat resistant silicone hand pipe is any stoney Star Wars lover’s dream.
  2. This cute little pipe has a glass bowl with multiple punctures, so the chances of getting clogged are very minimal.
  3. Star Wars themed pipe-Baby Yoda
  4. Glass Bowl with multiple punctures
  5. Heat resistant silicone

Specifications of this Baby Yoda Pipe

Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe

  1. Material – Silicone/Glass
  2. Size:105*55mm
  3. Weight:50g
  4. Compatibility – Herb, H-emp, Bud, Flower
  5. Style – Silicone Hand Pipe

Stoners bought this baby Yoda smoking pipe says:

Baby Yoda Pipe

  • I absolutely love this YODA pipe! I’ve had my eyes on one since a friend of mine bought one. It hits smooth, it’s comfortable to hold and easy to clean. This is an excellent product and I will definitely be buying again!
  • My husband and son love this little YODA pipe! Many bowls have been used over the years and this is their favorite! I would definitely recommend it and will always rebuy it!
  • Baby Yoda Rocks
    I am a huge Baby Yoda fan, so was surprised to see this little guy. Got one for hubby for a mystery box I put together. He was very happy with it. Hold a lot of stash in it. Will be getting one for my c-b-d in the very near future.
  • 5 Stars
    It showed up rather quickly. Cool silicone pipe to add to my collection
  • Great hand pipe
    Not only it the design fire, but it is also easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Yoda
    I LOVED IT! This pipe hit very smoothly!
  • This Is The Way
    I thought this was awesome….and Funny! Works like a champ!
  • Star Blazin Gazing
    So great.. smoke I will
    Funny and Cute
  • Easy to use and clean. The bowl is a decent size, bought as a gift for someone who doesn’t smoke as often and it’s perfect.
  • Flashy
    A nice smoking pipe to use and to flex on your homies with
  • Fun And Functional Hand Pipe
    It gets the job done while looking cool. Also has a pick for quick cleaning of the removable bowl
  • Exceeded My Expectations
    This is my new favorite pipe to smoke out of! It delivers great hits, and it’s incredible how realistic it looks! Definitely a quality product for a fair price!
  • A good smoker. Recommend this to all The Child, AKA baby Yoda, fans.
  • Absolutely love this hand pipe. One of my favorites in my collection! Lightweight, ready-to-go stash spot, and its Star Wars. Can’t go wrong!

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