5-Hole Pre-roll Cone Holder Case Wholesale

//5-Hole Pre-roll Cone Holder Case Wholesale

5-Hole Pre-roll Cone Holder Case Wholesale

5-Hole Pre-roll Cone Holder Case

  • Store 5 cones, perfect for king sized blunt cones
  • Contact us for wholesale prices.:
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5-Hole Pre-roll Cone Holder Case

We produce and wholesale these 5-hole Pre-roll Cone Holder Cases. Contact us to check if we have Joint blunt holder case in stock. In this case, smaller order, say 24 pcs (which is one box) is welcome. 

5-Hole Pre-roll Cone Holder Case

Details of this Cone Holder Case:

  • Classic black, available to storage 5 pieces king size pre-roll cones.
  • Sturdy material protects the Rolling Paper Cone from being crushed or squeezed.
  • Size: 4.8 x 2.9 x 0.8 Inch
  • Weight: 71.2g
  • Portable size,  perfect to carry out when traveling out
  • This cone holder case is a good choice to share with stoner friend or pothead family.

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Stoners and smokers love this 5-hole Pre-roll Cone Holder Case:

  1. Love the cone holder case. I’m able to store 5 cones in here. Saves me time throughout the day.
  2. Love the joint case. My blunts fit with no problem and they do. They stay fresh and block the smell.
  3. Exactly what I ordered. Bigger than I thought, which is good.
  4. This Joint blunt holder case right here one I just loaded all five slots all you need is a light I like this cuz u never have to carry a “bag” on you and just use this and you’ll be good just load it at home
  5. Perfect to hold 5 blunts, no smells come out of it. Great for the back of your pocket.
  6. Great for stoners and potheads on the go! I take mine to concerts and any other outing.
  7. This Joint blunt cone holder cases perfectly as it holds and protects perfectly. Good size and durable.
  8. These Joint blunt holder cases are perfect for king sized blunt cones.Great size and love the outside texture of this. Cover stays on nicely.
  9. This Joint blunt holder case works great when we are out and about or at family functions or any event. No smell
  10. Needed something to protect my cones/joints/blunts and keep them from getting lost in my suitcase/bag and this Joint blunt holder case helps those small items from losing them. Also it keeps my dainty necklaces from getting tangled.
  11. In this container, my joint does not get wet and are protected from breaking or getting damaged. It looks very elegant,well made.
  12. This Joint blunt holder case can be used for a number of things, but I use it for my cigarettes. I have a lot of junk in my purse so my cigarette packs tend to get bent and then my cigarette is bent and it’s just a mess. Traveling with this cone holder case though ensures that I don’t have anymore bent or broken cigarettes, and i can also make the excuse that I only got 5 left in case anyone asks me for one hahaha. This is a great product and I may buy one for my mom and grandma as well.
  13. This was exactly what I needed to be discreet. It looks like it could be a portable battery charger. It was exactly the right size and I felt I could put it in my pocket without crushing anything. Not sure how waterproof it would be as the lid is a little loose but it does the trick.

All smoke shops, online stores, dispensaries, and head shops need this 5-Hole Pre-roll Cone Holder Case

We promise to bring you the best price directly from the factory, no middleman. So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate and contact us for wholesale prices today!

  • maybao_weed@163.com
  • WhatsApp:+8613510426490