Personal Bong Mouthpiece-Protect potheads from COVID-19

Personal Mouthpiece-the best weed gadget of the year 2020. Now we all faced the thread of COVID-19 which is a biatch. Well, fortunately, we have this Personal Bong Mouthpiece, AKA the bong condom. It reduces spreading saliva, prevents germs, and keeps the COVID-19 away! This baby is the Best COVID-19 Guard for all Potheads and Stoners.

Let’s check out how Roxanne said about this Personal Bong Mouthpiece:

  • And why I buy this personal mouth piece is because we can spread germs quickly by sharing pieces with other people. I bought my personal one before COVID happened, I bought it cause I didn’t want to get any GERMS from anyone I was sharing with. People would make fun of me for using it. Than COVID happened and everyone wants one!! The best thing ever invented!

Why stoners and potheads NEED this COVID-19 Guard Mouthpiece:

  • It is easy to clean, easy to spot, works perfectly. Also, there is a space for lanyard, we know people be dropping it all over if it wasn’t attached to something
  • Potheads and stoners can use it on bongs and rigs as well with joints and blunts.
  • Who doesn’t like to party with friends? But the COVID19 kicked in. With this bong mouthpiece, stoners are able to party and share bongs again. Just like before.
  • It fits most bongs, water pipes, and rigs. So you just need one mouthpiece for all your devices.
  • Made of food-grade silicone. FDA certification is available. 100% safe. And it can be washed by Dishwashers.

The material of this Personal Bong Mouthpiece:

  • 100% platinum cured silicone. Food grade with FDA certification.
  • 100% safe. No worries.

The size of this Silicone Mouthpiece for Bongs:

  • Size: 8 x 4 cm (3 x 1.7 inch).
  • Cute and compact. Can be taken with potheads anywhere they go.

The Weight of this Silicone Bong condom:

  • Weight: 40 g = 0.088 Pounds. You don’t even notice it.

More than 10 different colors available:

  • Colors: Assorted colors for small orders and mixed orders.
  • But If buy more, say 1000 pcs, then you can pick the color you want.

It prevents the spread of viruses and COVID-19, definitely a must have for all potheads and stoners. That’s why we recommend this bong condom to all drop shippers, smoke shops, head shops, and medical dispensaries. People WANT this Personal Bong Mouthpiece.