Cheap Weed Grinders Supplier – Best 9 Large Herb Grinders online

Today Let’s talk about the Large Herb Grinders.  We all sometimes find out the regular 2″ grinder is not big enough. Stoners always want something BIG, right? So let’s begin and check them out!

1. Electric Automatic Herb Grinders 75 mm 4 Pieces

This Electric Automatic Herb Grinder totally changed the game. Quick and easy. Smokers and stoners love this baby. Large 3-inch size, it is perfect for heavy-duty needs and can grind huge herb at one time. 

Hands-free electric herb grinder

It is super easy to use and set up. Super sturdy construction and totally cool design. Only 20 seconds needed, it can quickly crush tobacco, spice and dry herbs into powder, faster than any manual grinders.

It makes the process of grinding much faster and easier.

Electric Automatic Herb Grinder

High-quality weed grinder

Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, it is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. It is a well-function grinder itself.

Sharp diamond-shaped teeth guarantee easy and efficiency grinding. 

3 inch (75mm) in diameter, it can grinder a lot herb at one time. It is a must-have large electric grinder. 

It includes:

  • A stainless steel screen to filter hash and get purer material you need.
  • pollen catcher
  • A see-through window allows stoners to see when it will finish grinding and how much still inside.
  • A bonus litter scraper for better cleaning and collecting.
  • A collection chamber to collect the well-grinded herb.
  • All the accessories stoners might need: the power cord, brusher, pipe cleaner, and even one screwdriver.

Accessories of this Grinder

How to use this electric herb grinder:

  • Firstly, insert the power cable into the grinder.
  • Secondly, open the lid and put the herb into the grinder.
  • Thirdly, screw the lid and press the power button. 
  • And then, it will start working.



How simple is that! By the way, we advise customers had better turn off the grinder and unplug it when not in use. 

  • Design: Large Storage, 5 Piece, Button-drive Grinder
  • Height: 135mm = 5.3inches
  • Diameter: 75 mm = 3 inches
  • Weight: about 435g
  • Plug type: US, EU
  • Material: CNC aluminum alloy
  • Color: Silver

2.Large Herb Grinders with Pollen Catcher.

Large Herb Grinder

This Large herb Grinder is dope! For anyone who is looking for an herb grinder that is easy to use and not bulky, this one turned out to be a perfect choice. A must-have in every kitchen.

First of all, Let’s answer the most asked question: Is there a specific purpose in the lid design? What is the main slot for?

  • The space on the lid can hold one booklet of cigarette rolling papers.
  • The slot on the lid was an excellent design for leverage if the grinder was slightly overpacked and could be used to stick something into it as a source of leverage for twisting the grinder unstuck.
  • Also, It’s to pick up easier because the lid is magnetic.

Perfect Extra large herb grinders :

This large weed grinder is just the right size: 75 mm (3 inches) in diameter, upgraded from a smaller 2″ grinder. Perfect for stoners and smokers who want to grind up a lot of herbs at once. 

Stoners can throw a whole nug in there and it will break up to a perfect consistencyLarge Herb Grinder

So this large grinder is perfect for packing a lot and grinding it down for pre-roll cones.

Excellent quality herb grinder:

It comes in 4 pieces to separate bigger grounds from finer grounds. The top piece and the part with the teeth for grinding are magnetic so they attach nicely without the magnetic force is too strong or too weak. The way the top is shaped makes it really easy to use.

This grinder also has a fine mesh screen for pollen collecting,  so stoners can use all of it. It also has a pollen collector at the bottom which is a must for most stoners. A handy little scraper is included. So stoners can collect the stuff without wasting any.

With its sharp diamond teeth, it grinds extremely well. It gives the herbs a fine, even grind–not quite a powder, but definitely a fine, shake-type finished product that burns smooth and releases delicious aromas. If the herbs have any stem parts, it separates that too.

It’s built very well and sturdy so it will last a long time. And the parts are very easy to clean.

Large Herb Grinder


  • Grinder Size: 75 mm = 3 inch
  • Height: 755 mm = 2.2 inch
  • Material: Fancy AL alloy
  • 4 pieces.
  • Net Weight: 233 g.
  • Gross weight: 248 g
  • Assorted colors

3.Large Herb Grinders 3 Inch 3 Pieces

This Large Weed Grinder is top-notch and worth every penny. It is a solid, well-designed large herb grinder. Grind flowers perfectly. Not too coarse or too fine.

Large Weed Grinder

Perfect Extra large weed grinders :

This large grinder is 75 mm (3 inches) in diameter, upgraded from a smaller 2″ grinder. This size is just perfect,  not too small not too large. It fits perfectly in stoners’ hands for excellent grip, making the grinding process itself comfortable. And can fit a whole eighth in here.

It can grind a lot more stuff at one time, and the extra torque from the larger size is nice when grinding something particularly sticky. It is perfect for those stoners looking to grind up a little more just in case.

Excellent quality large herb grinders :

It made of heavy-duty and durable zinc alloy and its construction is pretty flawless.

The magnet in the top part is really strong and doesn’t try to come off when holding it upside down. The teeth are extremely sharp, and there are more than enough of them. 

Along with the many teeth, it has many holes also making the process faster. The holes are not too big, so the stuff won’t fall down until it’s small enough. 

This Catches the small stuff at the bottom and grinders easily.

It shreds nicely through anything throwing into it, gathers a nice amount of pollen, nicely crafted design with sleek looking metal.

Came with a little plastic scraper for cleaning too.

Unbeatable price

High-quality, well-designed, comfortable and easy to use, this crusher yields perfect results every time.

Stoners love this tool. 420 a day keeps the doctor away. I would highly recommend this large herb grinder to any smoke shops, head shops, and medical dispensaries. 

This weed grinder is top of the line and is a steal for the price. You won’t regret getting it.  

  • Grinder Size: 75 mm = 3 inch
  • Height: 33 mm = 1.3 inch
  • Material: durable zinc alloy
  • 3 pieces.
  • Weight: 162 g.
  • Color: Silver

4. Large Plastic Weed Grinders 3 Inch 2 Pieces

Perfect Large Plastic Weed Grinder for stoners who just want something simple and big, of course. It is a nice “starter grinder” for any stoners and it is so cost-effective that people can’t go wrong with it.

Large Plastic Weed Grinder

Perfect Extra large weed grinder:

This large grinder is 75 mm (3 inches) in diameter. It’s not too big compared to our 4″/100mm grinder, fits well in the hand.

It provides a consistently fine grind. It is truly a no brainer.

Excellent quality herb grinders :

This plastic grinder is made of Acrylic. But don’t let the Acrylic material fool you, this is a hardy grinder! It can get “herbs” as perfect as a metal grinder can.  It is lightweight and very effective. And it comes in an assortment of colors.

It is nice because it has the little edges on the top and bottom that stoners can put the broken up whatever in and it won’t spill out.

This awesome grinder features sharp teeth which are called Pyramind teeth.  So it is also called The Pyramid grinder. It guarantees to crush all the herbs to the right consistency.

Unbeatable price

Since this grinder is made of plastic Acrylic, so it is inexpensive. Best “throw-away” grinder ever.

We welcome trail orders and mixed orders. Directly from the factory, we promise we will offer you the bottom wholesale prices and yet the best quality. 

Once these large weed grinders are launched, they became our best seller. This large grinder is truly a must-have for all smoke shops, head shops, and medical dispensaries. 

You can’t go wrong with this plastic grinder.

  • Grinder Size: 75 mm = 3 inch
  • Height: 30 mm = 1.2 inch
  • Material: Plastic acrylic
  • 2 pieces.
  • Weight: 45 g.
  • Color: assorted colors

5. Extra Large Cannabis Grinders 4 Inch 4 Pieces

Large Herb Grinder

This Extra Large Cannabis Grinder is an upgrade of those large Grinders (like 3″ and 2.5″ grinders). And it can hold huge portions of Herb and gives smokers a ton of room for their material.

Perfect for any stoners with an arthritic condition, easy to use with brilliant results especially if they use a vaporizer. It’s big and beautiful! It feels smooth and well-engineered in hand and also grinds perfectly.

Smokers and stoners love this extra large grinder. We highly recommend it to smoke shops, head shops, and medical dispensaries. It will bring more customers to your store.

This grinder is the largest herb grinder on the market, with a diameter of 4.0 inches (100 mm). Made of aluminum, therefore is very light compared to its size.

This is the perfect size for grinding smokers and stoners’ herb. It blows everyone’s mind. It’s really big, great if anyone wanna grind a huge amount of herbs. 

Made of heavy-duty zinc alloy, so it’s constructed solidly out of metal and feels very sturdy in the hand.

The fitting is machined tight and the lid is easy to glide.  

Strong and super-sharp diamond-shaped teeth guarantee the best and efficiency grinding.

It has 4 layers with a fine mesh filter which allows smokers’ dust to strain through into the lowest layer:

  • Layer 3:  a special pollen screen that separates the pollen from the leaves.
  • Layer 4:  a pollen compartment.
  • Grinder Size: 100 mm = 4 inch
  • Height: 73 mm = 2.9 inch
  • Material: tough Zinc Alloy
  • 4 pieces.
  • Weight: 541 g.

6. Extra Large Herb Grinders 4 Inch 4 Pieces

Extra Large Cannabis Grinder

This grinder is 100mm (4 inches) in diameter and 60mm (2.4 inches) in height. Comically huge and is a real grinder that works great. It is perfect for smokers who want to grind a lot of herb at one time.

This 4-piece Large grinder is crafted solidly out of Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy. So feels very sturdy in the hand. Perfect for crushing tobacco, herb, tea, and spice.

Its Razor sharp diamond teeth are produced by Precision CNC Machinery which guarantees shred herbs and spices with maximum efficiency.

And it has a fine mesh filter and pollen catcher, which allows stoners dust to strain through into the lowest layer, where it collects.

This is one of the best grinders money can buy. These grinders are perfect as first-time patient gifts, promotional items, as well as having them in stock for retail.

  • Grinder Size: 100 mm = 4 inch
  • Height: 60 mm = 2.4 inch
  • Material: Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy
  • 4 pieces.
  • Weight: 703 g.
  • Color: Blue

7. Black Extra Large Herb Grinders 4 Inch 3 Pieces

The best Extra Large Weed Grinder in the game. It can grind so many herbs that even rivaled some electric grinders. It is perfect for smokers and stoners who want to grinder a lot of herbs.

Well built and made to last. Makes a wonderful grind for vaping, smoking, and even cooking.

This grinder is 100mm (4 inches) in diameter, probably the biggest grinder people can find in the market.

This is the perfect size for grinding smokers and stoners’ herb. They can use their grinder every day.

It comes equipped with a pollen catcher and magnetic lid which is quality and convenience. So the grinder parts won’t just fall off and have the herb go on the floor. And the top stays magnetized while it’s in smoker’s pocket or backpack.

This grinder is made of durable Zinc Alloy material. And its powerful 45 Shaped Sharp Teeth make grinding more consistent and smooth.

  • Grinder Size: 100 mm = 4 inch
  • Height: 42 mm = 1.6 inch
  • Material: tough Zinc Alloy
  • 3 pieces.
  • Weight: 433 g.
  • Color: black

8. Silver 4 Inch Herb Grinders 100mm 3 Pieces

4 Inch Herb Grinder

Stoners and smokers might think the chamber for their ground-up herb is too small. Well, check out this 4 Inch Herb Grinder now. Perfect for people who want the large grinder to crush huge herbs.  It is a must have in stock for retail. Grind faster and easier.

Made of solid and durable Zinc Alloy, built for last.

Its sharp diamond teeth made from precision CNC aluminum guarantees shred herbs with ease, no matter fresh or moist.

It has powerful magnets that keep the lid stays tight and avoid spilling.  It will not fall apart, nor get stuck. Its large screen allows for the herbs to stay on top and keep herbs fresh.

This grinder also has a stainless steel mesh (it also called filter screen) to collect fine particles. If you remove this mesh (AKA filter screen), and then this is just the perfect grinder with huge storage.

Little black scraper for collecting pollen residue from grinder’s catch chamber. It also can be used to clean the pollen.

This extra large grinder is perfect for smokers and stoners who have big hands or want to grand a lot of herbs at one time.

Elegant silver color, it is also a nice decoration when not in use.  

  • Grinder Size: 100 mm = 4 inch
  • Height: 42 mm = 1.6 inch
  • Material: tough Zinc Alloy
  • 3 pieces.
  • Weight: 433 g.
  • Color: silver

9. Plastic Extra Large Herb Grinders 4 Inch 2 Pieces

Plastic Large Herb Grinder

This Plastic Extra Large Grinder is 100mm (4 inches) in diameter, pretty much the biggest size that can find. The 4″ size allows a larger quantity of Kieff to be obtained. The larger size makes grinding herb so much easier.

Particularly well suited for anyone with larger hands, those who can’t grasp a smaller grinder, anyone who wishes to save time.

If smokers and stoners have a lot of herbs to grind, this is the one. 

Large grinder but lightweight: only 103 g. Because it made of acrylic plastic instead of heavy metal. And It still works very well crushing herb into a very usable texture.

Made from tough virgin acrylic which is durable and will last a long time. Unlike metal grinders, these plastic grinders have such vibrant and cool colors.

It has the magnet in the center to make sure it closes well and will not fall apart. And its super sharp teeth work great and does its job well. 

Makes fast work of leaves and small stems. Works for crushing anything perfectly from buds for smoking, to trim for processing, it works like a charm.

Good travel piece for a hike, and for the price, super practical.

This is one of the best grinders to have if you’re looking to grind large amounts. They are perfect for people goes on trips or travel and don’t want to bring a used one.

Another good thing about this plastic grinder is its price. Since it is made of plastic which is way more cheaper than metal, its price is very affordable.

  • Grinder Size: 100 mm = 4 inch
  • Height: 37 mm = 1.5 inch
  • Material: tough acrylic plastic
  • 2 pieces.
  • Weight: 107 g.
  • Assorted colors 

Once these large grinders are launched, they have become the best seller

These large herb grinders also can be used to grind large particles such as coffee beans, and also have a high value of the collection.

Stoners and smokers just love them. The large grinder is truly the must-have for all smoke shops, head shops, and medical dispensaries. They changed the game and worth every penny. You won’t regret it.