3 Cheapest Clear Rolling Papers-China Clear Joint Papers Supplier

Clear Rolling Papers are the best papers for fine quality herbs/weed/tobacco! Isn’t it fun seeing pretty tobacco/weed through the paper while smoking? 100% natural Cellulose, no wired test, just the flavor of stoner’s favorite tobacco/weed.

1.King Size Clear Cigarette Rolling Papers

These Clear Cigarette Rolling Papers are nearly invisible, natural clear rolling papers, made from 100% cellulose. They are a non-plastic and biodegradable film of a vegetal origin.
Their consistency also allows for slow combustion, and each paper when burned with tobacco or legal smoking herbs is completely tasteless. Providing smokers with a nice, smooth experience and a great taste. No wonder the Transparent Cigarette Rolling Papers are a favorite among smokers. Their cellulose material keeps them from being affected by moisture. And since the rolling papers are clear, they make it possible for smokers to see the leaf within as the rolled paper burns.

If anyone always has trouble with gum papers, these cellulose papers are the right solution. With these, the entire surface is lick and stick, easy to roll.Clear Cigarette Rolling Papers

Blue points of this see through Rolling Papers:

  • Totally organic. These papers burn beautifully, slow and long. No altered taste or excessive ash. The flavor isn’t as smooth and natural as RAWor even ZigZag.
  • These are extremely cool and they burn well just like regular paper.
  • Such a better alternative to regular papers. Less Smokey, very durable.
  • It burns slower and longer with only the flavor of your favorite tobacco/weed
  • Smooth and yummy and good. The best natural papers on the market!
  • Super easy to roll with and look super cool, smokes clean. Plus you can see your “whatever” through the wrapper
  • The Papers burn very slowly, minimizing waste and providing a nice even burn.
  • Smokers do not need glue any more with these papers and will not accidentally roll the paper backward.
  • As these papers are smoked, they become firmer, increasing their grip on the leaf without affecting the pull.

Durable and easy to roll, these clear cigarette rolling papers are an excellent choice for those who roll up as their preferred method of smoking.  Some even say they will never go back to normal paper again.

Specification of this King Size Clear Smoking Papers:

  • Size: 108 x 42 mm (king size)
  • Transparent paper
  • 50 leaves/booklet.
  • 24 booklets/box
  • Weight: 320 G
  • 40 boxes / carton
  • CTN size: 48 * 31 * 26 cm

2. 78 mm Transparent Rolling Papers

These Transparent Cigarette Rolling Papers are made from 100% cellulose. They are all natural, not plastic at all. These cellulose papers are completely clear and work perfectly and don’t have any weird taste. They are not damaged by moisture and they don ‘t run. Stoners like seeing their pretty tobacco/weed product through them too. Slow-burning to save your precious and expensive smoke.

Pretty cool to see your “tobacco” while smoking. You can see the smoke going through the cigarette, which is awesome until about halfway through when you start seeing all the tar and resins clinging to everything. Plus once the cellulose is heated it gets super crunchy, and occasionally likes to unfurl. All in all, great product with no perceivable taste, and a very cool appearance.

Transparent Cigarette Rolling Papers

Blue points of this Clear Weed Papers:

  • Great novelty rolling papers. Nothing smokes as well and as smooth as these Clear papers. So worth it, great conversational piece.
  • There is no gum but it is still easy to seal. And the more you smoke it the firmer the paper gets.
  • It is awesome once you get the hang of it. Smokes nice and safe.
  • These clear papers don’t have a harsh smoke to ruin the taste of the contents, just the flavor or your favorite tobacco/weed
  • The cellulose paper burns slow but is especially good for beginner rollers as most of it is sticky upon licking it.
  • Stoners love how it looks when they roll one. It’s clear and it has no white ash at all. Great product and a lot of fun.
  • Excellent wraps when used with a rolling machine. Smoked nice and slow with no runs.
  • They not only are they unique they are easy to roll with, burn smooth and slow, plus they have no weird taste.
  • Great rolling papers! Very clean burning, smooth and no taste but for what’s in them
  • Very cool, very clean, and burns smooth. A great product for the low cost. We highly recommend it to anyone who wants a healthier, cleaner smoking experience. You won’t be disappointed.

Specification of this 1 1/4 Transparent Smoking Papers:

  • Size: 78 x 36 mm (1 1/4)
  • Transparent paper
  • 50 leaves/booklet.
  • 48 booklets/box
  • Weight: 363 G
  • 40 boxes / carton
  • CTN size: 35 * 33.5 * 29 cm

3. 1 1/4 See Through Rolling Paper

Interesting golden cellulose rolling paper. Make smoking more fun. It is like a millionaire.

Clear Cellulose Rolling Paper

Blue points of this Clear Cellulose Cigarette Papers:

  • They burn nice and slow. No weird tastes at all.
  • The papers don’t taste anything which is good, because lots of stoners don’t like the taste of burning paper. These just taste like the product that you roll in them. T
  • Never too dry and they always stick
  • Incredibly easy to roll with. Perfect burn every time. These are the best.
  • Perfect Cellulose paper burns really good and not much taste so whatever you use to smoke in this, you get the full flavor
  • Being that there’s no gum strip (since it sticks to itself) it makes the rolling process easier
  • Awesome, you can see the smoke and tobacco/weed resin bubble through the paper.
  • Very good rolling papers worth every penny and no paper taste
  • This Cellulose Cigarette Rolling Papers is the best product in all of the markets. They made the smoking experience more pleasant, while, at the same time they made the act of rolling so much better.
  • We highly recommend this rolling paper. If your curious, get it. If you’re on the fence, you want to get this. Everyone will ask where you got your wraps from

Specification of this 1 1/4 Transparent Cellulose Smoking Papers:

  • Size: 78 x 36 mm (1 1/4)
  • Golden Transparent paper
  • 50 leaves/booklet.
  • 48 booklets/box
  • Weight: 363 G
  • 40 boxes / carton
  • CTN size: 35 * 33.5 * 29 cm

They are rugged (in that you won’t worry about little stems ripping the paper) and there is no need for glue.  The cellulose sticks to itself so all you have to do is wet the edge where the glue usually is and they will stick perfectly. And it’s very easy to stick two of these together if you’re rolling a bomber.

Isn’t it clear? – Once you get the hang of these transparent papers, you won’t go back.