Top 3 Cheap Clear Joint Papers- Best Clear Rolling Papers for Wholesale

Stoners have already been blown away with the ease of the Clear Joint Papers. No flavor or scent, totally organic. It burns beautifully, slow and long. All smokers love it. The thing is the clear rolling papers on the markets are all the same old brands, good quality but expensive. And people are wounding where can I find the Cheap Clear Joint Papers? Well, here are the 3 Cheap clear transparent rolling papers for your choices.

1. 1 1/4 Transparent Rolling Papers

Transparent Cigarette Rolling Papers

  • These clear rolling papers are 100% clear and made of cotton. Not plastic.
  • Nice natural papers with no flavor so stoners can enjoy the flavor of whatever they are smoking.
  • Slow burning, good king-size, don’t have to lick a specific side like other rolling papers and they’re cool to see it burn while smoking.
  • Excellent stackability with no added glue or sticky, which means there is no wrong side up or inside out.
  • It’s a nice look especially flattering makes smoking so much funnier.
  • Great papers. Slow burning and clear so it looks cool too.
  • Awesome papers, crystal clear like cellophane and slow-burning too.
  • Size: 78 x 36 mm (1 1/4)
  • Transparent paper
  • 50 leaves/booklet.
  • 48 booklets/box
  • Weight: 363 G

2.78 mm See Through Rolling PaperClear Cellulose Rolling Paper

  • Interesting gold rolling paper, at the same time, can see through.
  • These papers burn better than raws and look cool.
  • Looks cute, aesthetically pleasing to view and even a nice slow burner
  • Good for showoff.
  • Isn’t it so cool to be able to see what you smoking?
  • These papers taste great, roll easily, and burn smoothly. It is 10/10.
  • That it Smokes just like a blunt. It makes smoking a lot more fun
  • Outstanding papers.  Perfect in every way!
  • These rolling papers are perfect in each department: smell, taste, burn, roll, closure, ash, health, vegan.
  • The best cellulose rolling papers ever
  • Size: 78 x 36 mm (1 1/4)
  • Golden Transparent paper
  • 50 leaves/booklet.
  • 48 booklets/box
  • Weight: 363 G

3.110 mm Clear Cigarette Rolling Papers

Clear Cigarette Rolling Papers

  • Good easy rolling papers. Even biodegradable.T
  • These papers are so great for Rolling joints, especially if you want to show off the good-looking stuff you rolled inside of it!
  • These are awsome papers which burn really good and not much taste. So whatever stoners use to smoke in this they get the full flavor.
  • You can’t go wrong
  • Size: 108 x 42 mm (king size)
  • Transparent paper
  • 50 leaves/booklet.
  • 24 booklets/box
  • Weight: 320 G

Above clear joint rolling papers are very cheap but good quality. Excellent product and good price. The best thing is mixed orders are welcome, say 5 boxes x 78 mm papers + 5 boxes x 110 mm papers. Perfect for smoke shops, head shops, and medical dispensaries. Or anyone feels like to give it a try.  You can’t go wrong with such good prices.