Top 4 Bob Marley Rolling Papers-Smoke with Peace and Love

Bob Marley is a legend. It is not just a name, it is a culture, a lifestyle, a trend, and a huge market. Fans wear Bob Marley t-shirts, hats, bracelets, and smoke weed with Bob Marley Rolling Papers. These papers are not just a sign, but it is also excellent quality. All smoke shops, head shops, and medical dispensaries should have these papers on shelves. So buckle up and let’s start the trip.

1.King Size Bob Marley Pre Rolled Cones

Amazing Bob Marley Pre Rolled Cones! Smokers love these and use them daily, so much faster and easier than rolling. Tired of trying to hand roll your “stuff”? These ready-to-go tubes are the best way to live. Just grind it up, shovel it in, tap and shake it, light and enjoy! Check these out If you roll a lot.

Roll with easy, smoking with a blessing.

Bob Marley Cones

   Blue points of this Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Cones:

  • Tired of rolling? Cant hand roll? No Problem. We got you. These pre rolled cones are the answer.  Simply fill, pack and enjoy!
  • Very easy to use a cone, just add your tobacco or herb and twist. Boom ready to go
  • Easy to use and much less harsh than blunts
  • Slow, even burn. Slightly larger than the 1.25 cigarette papers.
  • It fits about a gram of flower in the cone.
  • Saves plenty of time in packing roll. Large enough to hold tons of whatever you want to pack it with.
  • it tastes awesome, burn slow, and provide an overall great experience. Love the filter too, has Bob Marley’s image on.
  • So great, easy to use, takes all the trick and works out of rolling your own joints. Burns really even.
  • Burns well, nicely rolled, advice tap down tobacco tight down by tip or end up with tobacco in your mouth
    Nice even burn
  • The best way to smoke. These pre rolled cones are so much faster than joints or blunts.
  • Having this has made rolling one step easier by pre-rolling the cones and filters together properly.
  • Great price and quality. Makes it easy least to load up and enjoy

Specification of this weed Pre Rolled Cones:

  • Size: 109 mm (King size)
  • Transparent paper
  • 4 Cones/ Pack. 64 cones / box.
  • 1 box = 64 cones
  • 50 boxes / carton

2. King Size Bob Marley Cannabis Rolling Paper

The King Size Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Paper is what stoners and fans are looking for. The texture of the paper is really good, and the designs for the Bob Marley covers are pretty awesome. If you need a large amount of king size rolling paper, good quality, this is the right one for you.

A-class quality never rolled better than with these babies. Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Paper King Size

Blue points of this Bob Marley Cigarette Paper:

  • Burn evenly, slow burning, perfect price, great deal for the money
  • Nice rolling papers that are rather durable despite the nice thinness.
  • Fantastic smoking paper! Smokes evenly all way to the end. Hemp papers are the way to go
  • Excellent tobacco rolling papers. When rolled holds together very well.
  • Perfect for any “herb” smoked out of this. Tobacco mainly. Even though we all know what’s really going on.
  • After rolling with these 110mm Bob Marley Hemp papers, people might never go back to plain old papers again. The hemp paper burns clean and even with no taste to contend with.
  • They burn nice and even and have that extra length that smokin’ like a Marley requires mon! You can get a rolling machine that matches the length of these papers to roll some perfect, tight spliffs!
  • The price is the cherry on the sundae. For the price, you can’t go wrong here
  • Great gift for Bob Marley fans. Just the right Cigarette Rolling Paper they wanted
  • They work great and I would recommend them to everyone who smokes

Specification of this Bob Marley Rolling Papers:

  • Size: 78 mm (1 1/4)
  • 32 leaves/booklets
  • 50 booklets / box.
  • Weight: 200 g
  • 40 boxes / carton

3.78 mm Pure Hemp Bob Marley Cigarette Paper

Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Paper, show off your true Rastafarian spirit with these Weed Rolling Paper.

First there all natural hemp paper, second they are Bob Marley, third they are really cheap, and fourth they smoke perfectly. They are 50 packs, not 33’s like other brands. Which means they cost less than 1.00 a pack when zig zags are 2.50 at the store. It’s a win win win. It came in a little box big enough to fit in a mail slot on the door. That’s about it they burn pretty slow, especially with salvia.

These 78mm Bob Marley Rolling Paper come in 15 different designs and 10 different quotations. Made of natural and pure hemp, completely tree-free.

78mm Bob Marley Rolling Paper

Blue points of this Bob Marley Cigarette Paper:

  • These smoking rolling papers are made with hemp plus a minimal amount of gum, so you’d better not smoking gummy weird stuff.
  • This tobacco rolling paper works very well. The glue seems to keep them rolled up well.
  • You gotta lick it before you stick it. You gotta get it soft and wet so you can stick it. Dope wraps by Bob Marley are DopeVitamins approved
  • Pump hemp rolling paper. Perfect paper type and thickness. Quality adhesive.
  • This case of Bob Marley cigarette rolling papers is great! Each booklet has 50 leaves and you will get a full case so you gonna set for a while.
  • These are not only stronger with much better glue, but the price is far superior to the ‘raw brand’ papers.
  • All natural flax papers with natural gum so no worries there.
  • Thin, flexible, and strong, they seal very well and smoke evenly. Truly Marley’s memory and the entire ganja tradition
  • The Best weed rolling papers on the market. Let u taste what your smoking
  • Get the perfect Bob Marley Papers and enjoy your smoking.
  • Rolling with a Legend, and smoking with a blessing. Peace and love.

Specification of this Tobacco Rolling Paper:

  • Size: 78 mm (1 1/4)
  • 32 leaves/booklets
  • 50 booklets / box.
  • Weight: 200 g
  • 40 boxes / carton

4. 1 1/4 Pure Hemp Bob Marley Rolling Paper

The best Bob Marley Rolling Paper ever, smoking with peace and love. These rolling papers are made of hemp paper, which has been produced for over 10,000 years. Early biblical transcripts were made with hemp. They are thin and burn slowly. These are awesome and what you’d expect.

Rolling with a Legend, and smoking with a blessing. Peace and love.

Bob Marley Rolling Paper 1 1/4 Pure Hemp

Blue points of this Bob Marley Cigarette Paper:

  • These Burn Real nice and the glue sticks just fine. Can’t beat the price. Highly recommended!
  • Fantastic quality, 50 papers per pack, and all pure hemp. Stoners will like the reminder in each paper dispenser when it’s down to the last few.
  • Nice clean papers. It works great and leave little ash when you burn one.
  • The Bob Marley Rolling Paper is not too thick, not too thin, and just the right size. With 50 in a pack, you can’t beat the deal!
  • Easy to roll, doesn’t run burns evenly and the taste is nearly nothing so whatever your smoking you get the full flavor
  • Smooth burning very little running done on them if you know what I mean and you do
  • Great weed rolling papers. Good length, not too thin, not too thick. Just right.
  • Perfect smoking papers for stoner’s rolling needs. The box was fresh and the papers were great and the cost was the best part.
  • These are perfect rolling papers for a great price. Just give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!

Specification of this Tobacco Rolling Paper:

  • Size: 78 mm (1 1/4)
  • 32 leaves/booklets
  • 50 booklets / box.
  • Weight: 200 g
  • 40 boxes / carton

So let’s calm down and smoke weed. Rolling with a Legend, and smoking with a blessing. Peace and love.!