Top 5 best wholesale Herb Grinders That Grinds Weed Perfectly (2019)

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An herb grinder is a device used to grind dry herbs into finer particles before it is consumed or used, A good herb grinder will make your work of preparing your favorite herb for smoking, vaporizing, or even cooking more easily. A lot of new guys in the world of marijuana ignore the grinder, even though it is one of the most important tools that you must have.

To help you out, here is our 5 best wholesale Herb Grinders That Grinds Cannabis, Weed and Marijuana Perfectly, If you are a smoke shop, drop-shipper and dispensary, we can definitely help you out by providing quality and cheap Weed Grinders.

1. Skull King Herb Grinders Metal Crusher 3 Pieces

This Skull King Herb Grinder can be the coolest and toughest 3-part metal grinder around!

It is not only a great grinder but can also be used as a ghoulish ornament. Under the crown is where this grinder comes into its own with two sets of sturdy teeth ready to grind your herbs into small and practical pieces.

A heavy, hefty skull measuring over 3 inches tall feels solid in your hand and really does the job with its sharp shark-teeth points. The detailed crown lid is magnetized to keep it in place and features one of the various skull images. The middle piece of the grinder has a pollen screen attached and easily unscrews to allow access to all the kief and bits that fall through.

Skull King Herb Grinder

2. Rainbow Dazzle Herb Grinder Multi Sizes

This Rainbow Dazzle Herb Grinder grabs your client’s attention.

Multi Sizes for your options: 40mm, 50mm, 63mm

This grinder is perfect for grinding tobacco, herbs, and spices.

This Rainbow Dazzle Herb Grinder is also tough and sturdy and also stylish.

Each smoke shop and dispensary should keep this golden grinder in stock.

Rainbow Dazzle Herb Grinder

3. 50mm Golden Herb Grinders 3 Pieces

Fantastic 50mm Golden Herb Grinder. Smoke like a millionarie.

Its sharp diamond-shaped teeth ensure a smooth twist and an efficient grinding action.

This grinder is perfect for grinding tobacco, herbs or spice this 50mm Golden Herb Grinder is tough and sturdy and also stylish.


40mm Golden Herb Grinder

  • Magnetic top with twist-off for bottom chamber
  • Sharp Diamond Teeth
  • Material: Heavy-duty and durable zinc alloy
  • Size: 50 mm 3 Pieces
  • Weight: 95 g

4. Assorted 30mm Metal Grinder 3 Pieces

This Assorted 30mm Metal Grinder has several different designs and definitely fulfills each smoke shop and dispensary’s need.

It reduces even those most tenacious and sticky of herb to granulated goodness. Each of these metal grinders combines 3 pieces to create 2 chambers, allowing for kief catching ease.

Perfect Assorted 30mm Metal Grinder for any dispensaries and smoke shops.


Assorted 30mm Metal Grinder

  • Mix design mini 3 part metal grinder
  • Metal zinc alloy
  • Size: 1″ x 1″ = 30mm
  • Sharp teeth
  • 12 pcs per gift box as shown.

5. Electric Flashlight Herb Grinders 5.7 inch Assorted Colors

This Electric Flashlight Herb Grinder is a compact and pocket-friendly grinder for dried herbs and spices that offers stoners of the most convenient methods for grinding on the go.


  • Just remove the threaded plastic cap,
  • place the herbs, tobacco or other spices in the grinder chamber and power the device on.
  • From here this Battery Powered Herb Grinder will begin spinning it’s sharp metal teeth, resulting in a smooth consistency that is perfect for smoking or rolling.
  • And then, here we go! Time to roll your own.

This pocket-sized grinder is powered by three AAA batteries rather than a wired power source, allowing stoners to take this compact grinder with them no matter where they go.

Each smoke shop and dispensary should keep this Electric Flashlight Herb Grinder grinder in stock. People love this grinder.

It only takes just a few seconds to grind. Grinder to the perfect consistency. Grinds anything and everything. So fast and so easy, just like magic!

It makes it simple to roll. No more smelly fingers. Easy to carry, fits almost anywhere, compact and portable. Say goodbye to the mess, the wired power plug, outrages prices, and say hello to our Electric Flashlight Herb Grinder.

Electric Flashlight Herb Grinder

  • Material: zinc alloy
  • 3 Batteries included.
  • Size: 145 x 42mm
  • Weight: 106 g

There are a lot of different kinds of weed grinders on the market. ACRYLIC GRINDERS, WOODEN GRINDERS,  METAL GRINDERS, 2-PIECE GRINDERS, 3-PIECE GRINDERS, ELECTRIC GRINDERS. We specialize in this field, With rich product series, plentiful stocks and low-MOQ-request, MAYBAO is your one-stop distributor for any and all smoke-shop needs.