Best 3 Glass Nectar Collectors of 2022-Top Dab Straw for Wholesale

Today, let’s take a look at the Best 3 Glass Nectar Collectors of 2021, stoners need one in their collection.

We all know Glass Nectar Collectors, aka glass honey straws, are truly a pleasure to dab with. And people can find tons of different ones online and in the local store. But below 3 Glass Nectar Collectors are the best of best, because they are portable, affordable, and available.

1. Colorful Glass Nectar Collector 10mm Titanium Tip

glass nectar collector

This colorful Glass Nectar Collector is what potheads and stoners want. Jazz up the dab periods with the colorful and purposeful Glass Dab Straw.

  • This dab straw is made of sturdy borosilicate glass, so it won’t wreck easily. And it comes with a 10mm Titanium tip that’s detachable and replaceable. There is also a plastic clip to keep the nail securely.
  • It holds heat very well.



2. Colored Glass Nectar Collector 10mm Titanium Tip

colorful Glass Nectar Collector

  • Beautiful portable dab straw on the go!
  • Top honey straw! Fancy colors. Cute and compact. Easy to use. Works like a champ. Affordable travel Dab!
  • Enjoy your favorite waxes and essential oils in style with this Nectar Collector with colored glass accents.
  • The decorative colored glass beads and glass bands of color, so cool.
  • It is a super cute little dab collector! It is very small but mighty.
  • You’ll need to place it in a high-temperature tolerant dab dish or on a silicone dab mat.


3. Glass Nectar Collector 10mm Titanium Tip

nectar collector

  • Material: Glass Body + Titanium Tip.
  • 1pc x Glass Dab Straw,
  • 1x 10mm Male Titanium Tip for wax
  • 1x Keck Clip,
  • Length (without the tip): 11 cm = 4.3 inch
  • Length (with the tip): 14.5 cm = 5.3 inch
  • Titanium Tip Length: 10 mm


Above are the Best 3 Glass Nectar Collectors of 2022. We’d like to recommend this Nectar collector to all smoke shops, head shops, drop shippers, and medical dispensaries.